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Is Monkey Man a Indian Movie?

Monkey Man Review

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Monkey Man Review

Currently, Monkey Man has not been released in India, but I have tried a trick and have seen the Monkey Man movie, so what is my overall reaction? I am sharing it now.

There is a character in the movie, played by Dev Patel, who has gone on a revenge journey. Now whom does he want to take revenge from? To know what the real reason is for revenge, you will have to watch this movie, whose length is one hour and 55 minutes.

Monkey Man Review

If I define the Monkey Man movie in one word, then it is overrated. I mean, after watching the trailer, I feel like this is an out-and-out action kind of movie. Yes, there is action, but apart from that, there is no substance.

First of all, the story does not present anything new, different, or special, and the presentation is also very useless. If the presentation itself could have been a little better, then yes, I guess things would have looked better.

But no, the same tried-and-tested formula has been adopted, which has made things worse.

In terms of positives, Dev Patel has no doubt done his work well; he has looked right as per his character, and the way the action scenes have been designed gives a good feeling.

Amazing brutality was present in some action scenes; even in action scenes, the work of BGM is very good, which helps in boosting the intensity completely.

Apart from this, technically, the movie is good; it has been shot with good camera angles.

These are the only things apart from which it is not possible to praise anything else in the movie.

Negative Points

The way India has been represented in this movie is absolutely third-class. I would like to tell the makers that if you people do not know India well, then first know the ground reality and then think of making a picture.

These filmmakers made a movie without any research and destroyed the actual culture of India in the movie.

I'm really frustrated with the way India has been portrayed in such a stereotypical manner. I mean, we've been living in India for so long, and it's nothing like how these filmmakers have drafted it.

Yes, there is poverty and hunger in India, but is there poverty and hunger only in India or not in any other country? Then why are such films not made about other countries?

Well, all this that you are showing is okay, but at least showcase the other side also. By showing only one side of the story, you are coloring everything in one color; this does not make any sense in my opinion.

The mockery of Indian culture made in this movie, I cannot tell you all, is a very shameful thing. Apart from the religious angle that was brought, it was meaningless, and there was no need for it.

It seemed that these filmmakers were trying to forcefully push their agenda that there is so much poverty, hunger, and shortage in India.

If you guys think India is so bad, then why are you making movies about India? Stop it.

These filmmakers have to earn money from India and also have to show bad things to India; that is, you people should understand that India has been presented in such a bad way in this movie that there is no country as hungry as India.

To be honest, 30 to 40 minutes of starting are extremely boring, then we get to see an action scene, which was quite good, and after that, there was just talking.

Apart from the character of Dev Patel, all the other characters have no depth, no life; everything was limited to the surface level, and everything is happening in the movie, which is not making any sense.

The movie's cinematography is top-notch, but seriously, there are so many close-up shots that at one point, I thought the camera might start exploring the actors' nasal cavities or dental work.

And many scenes were not even presented in a good way. I mean, action is going on, but the scene has been made so dark that it is not possible to see clearly what is happening in the action scene.

If they had kept it simple without all the zooming in and out, it wouldn't have been so annoying. But no, they just had to keep messing with the zoom, and it totally ruined the scenes.

So if you were thinking that Monkey Man would be a strong action film, then sorry, boss.


In short, you can give this picture a chance for some action scenes and BGM and Dev Patel's acting, but if you were expecting something extraordinary from the Monkey Man film, then sorry boss, you will not get to see that thing.

Keep in mind that Monkey Man is not a family movie in any way because not just one bad word but many bad words have been used, and there are also kissing scenes and many more such things, which I do not want to talk about.

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