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Magic Types: Rune Magic

Words are Power

By BlankmarksPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Magic Types: Rune Magic
Photo by Carla Santiago on Unsplash

The rare and surprisingly overpowered magic type known as Rune Magic.

When I see other stories use this magic, I start to think that there are many definitions for it.

This makes it like a blank canvas that can do pretty much anything.

There are some commonalities that we’ll cover but my mission today is to just make a general definition.

With that, you’ll have a jumping-off point to make your own unique Rune system.

What it is and What It Does

Words are power, and that’s the reason why Rune Magic is so powerful.

From what I’ve seen, Rune Magic involves words given visual form. You can engrave these words onto items to increase their magical power or embed spells.

Because of this Rune Magic can do any magic from enchantment to elemental.

Besides items, you can draw or summon runes from thin air if you know them by heart.

These magical words are almost always in the form of symbols.

These words and symbols represent concepts found in the natural world like:

• Elements

• People

• Animal

• Concepts like Strength, Speed, Defense, etc

• The very concept of magic itself

• More abstract concepts like time, emotion, order, chaos, ect.

• Cosmic Phenomenon

This leads us to the weaknesses of Rune Magic.

Since it tends to be ancient and hard to decipher, Rune Magic becomes hard to use.

Couple this with the fact that it can some time have longer casting times.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that it’s only used for the cool factor and tradition.

Despite that, once you overcome the steep learning curve you’ll find that Rune Magic can be extremely versatile and powerful.

The longer casting times can be overcome with prep or putting them on your equipment or body.

Each rune symbol (Which the writer can just make up) can mean anything.

Combining runes can lead to unique and varied effects.

The way it manifests is also determined by the user’s subconscious.

That’s right, this magic can link directly to the imagination which is usually a sign of higher-level magic.

All of this makes Rune Magic very powerful but it requires work and knowledge to use efficiently.

Other magic types outpace Novice Rune Mages making this a slow starter.

Here is a video that goes in-depth on the “Fate/Stay Night” style of Rune Magic that seems like the general version.

Rune Magic’s place in World-building

This is another type of magic that would have a noticeable effect on the world.

Normally, Rune Magic is either very rare or the magic is ancient because it’s hard to learn and pass on.

Because of its symbolic nature, Rune Magic is usually practiced by the people that grew up with it in their culture.

This makes it rarer but very important to any character linked to that culture.

Rune Magic can even have a link to the language of culture.

Rune Magic could've been their original language thus giving the magic even more importance in their culture and story.

Finally, if enchantment magic is not common or does not exist Rune Magic would be its replacement.

This makes Rune Magic users a sought-after resource for armies.

That desire could easily turn a story into a dark fantasy if you want.

A strong military can enslave the group to use their Rune Magic to enchant their weapons.

Harsh but in a dark fantasy it would make sense to happen.

That’s all I wanted to say about Rune Magic. Please tell me If I forgot anything so I can credit you when I add it.

With that, I’m done.


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I’m Blankmarks and I love magic and fiction. I’ll write about various magic types and concepts not only for fun but to help writers create new magical worlds. I'll also post short stories, writing tips, and more.

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