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Loki: Easter Eggs And Important Moments In Episode 4 'The Nexus Event'

by Kristy Anderson about a year ago in superheroes
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Something is up within the TVA.

Credit: Disney.

After episode three's Loki/Sylvie two-hander, Loki's fourth episode, 'The Nexus Event', dives right back into the wider story. Slowly, the dark secrets of the TVA are coming to light.

Here are all the Easter Eggs and important moments in Loki episode four, 'The Nexus Event'.

Sylvie was taken by the TVA as a child, and Ravonna Renslayer was the Hunter responsible

Credit: Disney.

In the opening moments of 'The Nexus Event', we see Sylvie as a child, played by The Walking Dead star Cailey Fleming. Sylvie is simply playing in her room when she is taken by a TVA squad, including Ravonna Renslayer in her days as a Hunter, and her timeline immediately pruned. However, before her trial, Sylvie escapes, stealing Renslayer's Temp Pad. She spent much of her life jumping from time to time fleeing the TVA, until she realised she could hide in apocalypses.

Later, when both Loki and Sylvie are in Renslayer's custody, Sylvie questions what her Nexus Event actually was, wanting to know why her world needed to be destroyed. Renslayer coldly replies she doesn't remember.

Fans have also noted that Renslayer's Hunter number, A-23, is an Easter egg, referencing Avengers #23, the comic issue marking her first appearance.

Loki and Sylvie cause a Nexus Event

Credit: Disney.

As fans will remember, the third episode of Loki ended with Loki and Sylvie stranded on planet Lamentis hours before its destruction, facing certain death. However, the pair's presence apparently causes a Nexus Event, creating a time branch and allowing the TVA to locate and recapture them both.

As we learned in episode two, 'The Variant', it is difficult to detect branches during apocalypses due to the chaos surrounding the event. It is unknown what made the Lamentis branch different.

The return of Sif

Credit: Disney

Before being questioned by Mobius, Loki is placed in a time-loop cell. The loop is taken from one of Loki's own past memories, leaving him repeatedly punished by Lady Sif for a prank in which he cut her hair. This was an exciting moment for fans, as Sif has not been in a major MCU production since Thor: The Dark World, aside from a few guest appearances in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. The character has been confirmed to return in Thor: Love and Thunder, but her early return in Loki was a nice surprise.

The scene was also a fun nod to Norse mythology, which includes the story of Sif's hair being cut.

Mobius and Hunter B-15 learn the truth about the TVA's workers.

Credit: Disney.

In their initial interview, Mobius refuses to listen to Loki's claims that the TVA's workers are variants who have been stolen from their timelines and had their memories altered. Given past experience, he believes it is just another trick on Loki's part. However, after growing suspicious of Renslayer and digging further into the fate of Hunter C-20, Mobius discovers that Loki was telling the truth.

Credit: Disney.

Meanwhile, B-15 has been experiencing visions of her own life before the TVA after being enchanted by Sylvie in 'The Variant'. She eventually accepts the truth about the TVA after allowing Sylvie to show her this memory again. This means Sylvie will prove instrumental in freeing other TVA workers.

Mobius is pruned

Credit: Disney

After learning the truth, Mobius frees Loki and agrees to help him rescue Sylvie, hoping to uncover the full truth regarding the Timekeepers. Unfortunately, the pair are intercepted by Renslayer, who orders Mobius pruned in front of a shocked Loki.

Notably, the pruning of Mobius is the one action in the episode for which Renslayer shows genuine remorse.

The Timekeepers are androids

Credit: Disney.

Renslayer takes Loki and Sylvie before the Timekeepers to be pruned, but thankfully, the duo are rescued by B-15, who disables their collars and returns their weapons. After incapacitating Renslayer and her Hunters, Sylvie beheads one of the Timekeepers, only to discover that it is an android. She is now left back at square one, no closer to discovering the truth of the TVA.

Loki promises her they will continue to work on finding the truth, but this proves little comfort to Sylvie, especially not after Renslayer awakens and 'prunes' Loki.

Land Of The Lokis

Despite apparently being pruned, in 'The Nexus Event's' post-credits scene, Loki is revealed to be alive, but relocated to an unknown location with multiple other Loki variants. These include a Classic Comics Loki, played by Richard E. Grant, a child Loki, and brawler Loki. Kid Loki's appearance has fans excited, providing another potential member for the Young Avengers.

Loki's survival also has fans questioning whether other 'pruned' characters, like Mobius, could still be alive.

We can't wait to find out more.


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