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Loki: Easter Eggs And Important Moments In Episode 3, 'Lamentis'

by Kristy Anderson 29 days ago in superheroes

Uh-oh, Loki's in trouble.

Credit: Disney.

After the first two episodes explored the ins and outs of life with the TVA, Loki's third episode switched focus. We now zero in on Loki and The Variant, who calls herself Sylvie, as a mishap forces them to work together.

Here are all the Easter Eggs and important moments in Loki rpisode three, 'Lamentis'.

Sylvie's plan involves infiltrating the TVA

Credit: Disney.

As mentioned during her conversation with Loki in episode two, 'The Variant', Sylvie's plan is not to take over the TVA. However, as revealed in episode three, when Loki follows her through the portal only to find himself back in the TVA, it does involve invading the TVA and gaining access to the Timekeepers.

While we do not learn of the plan in it's entirety, it was apparently years in the making. Unfortunately for Sylvie, she is intercepted by Loki before she can fully carry it out.

Loki and Sylvie are forced to work together

Credit: Disney

Loki manages to get hold of Sylvie's stolen Temp Pad, transporting them away from the TVA to Lamentis, a planet on the verge of being destroyed by dangerous meteor showers, and eventually, its own falling moon. This is, apparently, one of the most dangerous of Sylvie's apocalypse hideouts. Unfortunately, the Temp Pad loses power on arrival, leaving the pair trapped. On the one hand, Loki will not return the Temp Pad to Sylvie lest she escape without him, but on the other, he cannot recharge the pad without Sylvie's help, thus forcing the two Variants to work together to escape their predicament.

In the comics, Lamentis appeared as a location during the Annihilation: Conquest storyline.

Sylvie distances herself from the 'Loki' name

Credit: Disney.

As she and Loki talk, Sylvie shows disdain for her identity as a 'Loki' variant. This is why she has changed her name to Sylvie, which was hinted at in a blink-and-you'll miss it shot in episode two of her name, listed as 'Sylvie Laufeysdottir' on one of the files Loki was tasked with reviewing.

Some fans are taking Sylvie's reluctance to own being a Loki as another hint that she may actually be a different character.

Different Lives

Credit: Disney.

While on a train bound for The Arc, an evacuation ship from which they plan to recharge the Temp Pad, Loki and Sylvie are drawn into a conversation on their lives. As it turns out there are a few key differences between the two. Unlike Loki, who was raised believing he was Odin and Frigga's biological child before the discovery of his true origins, Sylvie grew up knowing that she was adopted. However, she does not reveal anything else about her family. While Loki learned magic from Frigga, Sylvie taught herself. Her explanation of how her powers work is also quite different than Loki's magic. We will likely dig deeper into Sylvie's backstory as the series goes on.

In what many are calling a win for diversity, the scene also confirmed both Loki and Sylvie as bisexual, making them the first MCU characters to be confirmed as bisexual onscreen. While Valkyrie's bisexuality was hinted at in Thor: Ragnarok, it was not officially confirmed until after the film's release.

Drunk Loki sounds familiar..

Credit: Disney

After allowing herself a short rest, Sylvie eventually wakes to find Loki drunk and partying with the other train passengers. After finishing his current drink, Loki throws the cup to the floor and yells:


This is, of course, a reference to the classic Thor scene in which Thor enthusiastically smashes a coffee cup while attending a Diner with Jane, Darcy, and Selvig.

Unfortunity, Loki's behaviour results in him drawing unwanted attention to himself, being thrown off the train and breaking the Temp Pad. So, he and Sylvie form a new plan to escape Lamentis by hijacking the Ark.

The TVA's workers were NOT created by the Timekeepers

Credit: Disney.

When explaining to Loki how her enchantment powers work, she says that while enchanting TVA Hunter C-20, she explains that the poor girl's mind was clouded, and she was forced to pull a memory from:

"Hundreds of years ago, before she even fought for them."

This comes as a great surprise to Loki, who had been led to believe that the TVA's workers had been created by the Timekeepers. Sylvie informs him that this is incorrect, and the TVA's workforce is actually made up of Variants. The workers are clearly unaware that this is the case, adding to the theory that the Timekeepers may actually be villains.

The Ark is destroyed

Credit: Disney

Unfortunately for Loki and Sylvie, the Ark is destroyed before they can reach it. The episode ends with them stranded on the still doomed Lamentis, with seemingly no chance of escape.

How will they get out of this one?

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