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Loki: The Most Important New Characters Introduced So Far

by Kristy Anderson about a year ago in superheroes
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Who's who?

Credit: Disney.

After a long wait for the God of Mischief's many adoring fans, the new MCU series Loki has begun it's run on Disney Plus. Loki's first episode, 'Glorious Purpose', was very much an establishing episode, introducing and explaining the purpose of the Time Variance Authority, aka TVA, and introducing the major players in this new section of the MCU.

Here are all the most important new characters introduced so far.

The Timekeepers

Credit: Disney.

While not seen in person, the Timekeepers are introduced through the TVA instructional video shown to Loki while awaiting his trial. As explained by the TVA's mascot, Miss Minutes, the powerful Timekeepers repaired the timeline into one single, 'Sacred Timeline' after the universe was almost destroyed in a great Multiversal War. The Timekeepers then create the TVA, and it's many workers, for the purpose of protecting the Sacred Timeline.

As with any mysterious unseen Boss figures, fans are already expecting a twist in the Timekeepers story. Some are theorising that rather than being saviors, the Timekeepers were simply the winners of the Multiversal War, thus their timeline is the one upheld.

Mobius M. Mobius

Mobius M. Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, is easily one of the most important characters introduced in 'Glorious Purpose', being the series co-lead. Mobius is a TVA Agent specialising in particularly dangerous Time Criminals, who seeks Loki's help with a complicated case. Mobius's relationship with Loki has been described as part mentor, part therapist.

Credit: Marvel.

Loki's Mobius is quite different to the comics version of the character. In the comics, Mobius M. Mobius runs the entire 'middle management' section of the TVA, through the use of multiple versions of himself at different points in time, as well as clones of himself. The comic's Mobius has little patience for heroes or villains messing with time, and has a particular dislike for the time-related antics of the Fantastic Four.

As an in-joke, Mobius M. Mobius was drawn as a caricature of Marvel writer Mark Gruenwald. More recent appearances have him resembling another writer, Tom DeFalco.

Ravonna Renslayer

Ravonna Renslayer, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, is a former TVA Hunter who has risen through the ranks of the organisation to become a respected Judge. She is first seen presiding over Loki's trial for 'Sequence Violation', and is later shown disagreeing with Mobius over his handling of the Loki situation. According to the creator's of the show, Ravonna is forced to toe a complicated line between being Mobius's friend and his superior.

Interestingly, Ravonna's appearance in Loki has been said to pre-date her comic book origins.

Credit: Marvel.

In the comics, Ravonna is a love interest of major villain Kang The Conqueror. A Princess of one of the many worlds Kang conquers, Ravonna at first wants nothing to do with Kang, but eventually falls for him. Unfortunately, she is shot soon afterwards, forcing Kang to place her in suspended animation until he finds a way to save her. Though she is eventually revived, her relationship with Kang becomes strained, as while he loves Ravonna, she constantly comes second to his desire to defeat the Avengers.

Kang is confirmed to make his first MCU appearance in the upcoming film Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

The Other Loki Variant

Credit: Disney.

In the final minutes of 'Glorious Purpose', it is revealed that the dangerous Rogue Variant killing TVA agents is another Loki Variant, or so Mobius claims. While we see the variant kill another group of agents, their face is not shown. This has led fans to question whether the Rogue Variant is actually Loki, also raising the point that it could be Loki in a different form than the one we know.

In the comics, Loki can appear in many forms, including Lady Loki, who has appeared more often since the comics confirmed the character as gender fluid..

Credit: Marvel.

Or, the rather popular Kid Loki.

Credit: Marvel.

Kid Loki has gained fans in the comics as a member of the Young Avengers. With a potential Young Avengers roster slowly building in the MCU, it's possible we will see Kid Loki at some point. However, if the rogue variant is one of the two, Lady Loki seems more likely.

We'll have to wait for Loki episode two to find out more.


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