Is 'Gotham' Going to Lead to a Batman TV Series?

by Tyler Callaway 2 years ago in tv

Many DC characters have come to life in the small TV Universe DC has been creating, but could a bigger name be on the way?

Is 'Gotham' Going to Lead to a Batman TV Series?

DC has been making a name for themselves in TV, with The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Titans, and Gotham taking over the superhero genre on TV. Many DC characters have came to life in this small TV Universe DC has been creating, but could a bigger name be on the way?

Fox's Gotham follows the story of officer Jim Gordon as he tries to clean the streets of Gotham prior to the arrival of Batman, who is at age 14 . It also shows some of Batman's famous villains like Penguin, Riddler, and Joker prior to their rise.

Could Gotham lead into a Batman TV series starring the current actors and characters with a grown up Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz)?

What if once Gotham ended we were greeted with a series focused now on the grown up Bruce Wayne we watched grow up in Gotham. All of the same characters and actors would follow over onto the new show.

While Gotham has had mixed reviews with both fans and critics, the actors on the show have received much praise. With actors like Ben McKenzie(Jim Gordon), Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin), and Cameron Monaghan (Joker) quickly becoming fan favorites; it would be a shame if we never truly got to see them along side the Batman.

Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon.

The actor who plays a young Bruce Wayne; David Mazouz is only 14 years old. DC has never given a specific age as to when Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, but it is widely assumed to be early 20's.

The show would have to continue at least 6 seasons for Mazouz to reach a reasonable age. But what if the show does not last that many seasons, or Mazouz grows into an actor incapable of carrying a TV series?

If the show were to only last a few more seasons, then they could simply recast Bruce Wayne with an older actor, and just make a time jump into the sequel series to bring over the other fan favorite actors. Or if Mazouz's acting ability just is not on par, I highly doubt a fan uproar would occur over a recasting.

The point is no matter what obstacles Gotham faces, a Batman TV series can still easily be achieved.

Many fans will argue that characters like Batman are too big to put in the TV Universe, but honestly wouldn't his fame be even more reason for DC to create shows based off of him?

Who is not going to watch a TV show based off of Batman? It would be an instant success if it hits on anywhere near the same success Arrow and The Flash have. The show would be a major money machine for DC and Fox.

And DC is clearly not afraid to put the same character on the big and small screen with a Flash TV show currently on CW, and a Flash movie on the way with the same character (Barry Allen), but different actors.

There is already proof that Bruce Wayne exists in the same universe as The Flash and Arrow, with a newspaper talking about a merger between Wayne Tech and Queen Inc. on The Flash.

Could turning Gotham into a prequel to Batman in the DC TV Universe be their plan the whole time? Gotham is set roughly 10 years prior to modern day times where Arrow and The Flash is set. Once Gotham ends, it could easily crossover into the current DC TV Universe.

DC and Fox would be missing out on a major opportunity to capitalize on the back story and characters they have developed.

Imagine seeing Cameron Monaghan fully as the Joker taking on the Batman, whether it be a grown up David Mazouz, or another actor.

Whether a time jump would need to take place or a recasting of Bruce Wayne; nothing would be better than to see Ben McKenzie's Jim Gordon teaming up with Batman to take down Cory Michael Smith, Robin Lord Taylor, and Cameron Monaghan's respected villains.

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