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Season 6

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 6 days ago 3 min read

9-1-1 is not a good show. I just want to be really clear because over the last month I have binged now 6 seasons of this show and it's not because the writing is brilliant, or even adequate. The storylines and cases are truly batshit and not in a soap opera way, so it's completely unjustifiable. However the character development and interpersonal relationships are not just good but likable, this makes the show watchable and enjoyable. Friendly reminder that I am here for gay firefighters and once I am caught up to the current season I will probably not be continuing with this show.

Okay I have plot hole problems; in the season 5 finale Eddie had NOT rejoined the 118 and yet here he is with Buck on a call….THEN we have the fact that Bobby told Athena he booked them a cruise in the season 5 finale but I am pretty sure that her fear of boats and that storyline was the whole start of season 7 so what the fuck writers? Weird 4 month time jump for no reason.

I’m not sure who makes the music choices for this show but they are way too on the nose. It is really bad…Buck rides a bicycle and now there is a song “I ride my bicycle…” truly terrible guys. Learn some nuance. Match the vibe not the event.

The fact that Christopher would not take no for an answer when visiting Buck in the hospital is the sweetest thing ever. Also when Buck runs away he runs to Eddie. You can not tell me that these boys are not fully married. They love each other so much.

Bobby not letting up on this rehab facility is a batshit storyline but sure. Also even the vaguest idea that Bobby is being blamed for the fire is so unrealistic it's comical…he's the captain of a firehouse and married to an LAPD sergeant…he wouldn't be looked at for shit. At least this detective isn’t stupid.

I love that Chim calls out Hen. She was getting all wound up about Maddy hurting Chimney as if she didn’t cheat on her wife. Lucky for her Chim is far more rational and level headed then she is. The man was freaking out about proposing though, he really needs a chill pill. Maddie ends up proposing to him in the cutest family proposal ever. God I am so invested in their relationship, they are so cute I have been rooting for them from the second that they met.

The end of the season drama puts the entirety of the 118 in danger when some idiot drives into an overpass post. Buck is extremely good under pressure. My boy is handling business when everyone else is down for the count.

I will say that this season seems to have the best pacing so far, it's a little bit of a bummer that it took 6 seasons to get to this point. That said we have established that the one thing that this show has going for it is character development. I’ve said before that good characters can hold up a bad show and 9-1-1 continues to prove my point. Also it really seems like the show has simultaneously been on for way too long and also has only been on for 30 seconds. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. As far as I know the show has been renewed for season 8 and I really think that is long enough…I think we could probably stop there but knowing networks I don’t think that they will. They are going to run this show into the ground. All that said, I think there are lots of things to talk about regarding queer media and this show but I will wait until I finish the 7th season.

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