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Is elon killing twitter?

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By ASHLEY SMITHPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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It seem a strange theory to suggest someone might spend billions and then kill his purchase. Then again the someone is a bit strange. I am not entirely sure why he bought it in the first place, was the plan to always kill it or was there a definite plan to improve the site.

In a stand for free speech many who were previously blocked were once again let loose. Was this so everyone and anyone could have a platform or was it a carefully planned start of a contrived downfall.

The people who had been banned or limited had their bans for a reason. Sharing lies , dangerous conspiracy theories or extreme hate . They were directly or in directly responsible for violence, extremism or death. Trump lying about covid and the elections for example.

The conspiracy posts convince a few who share with a few, who then share with a few more. A lie can spread worldwide in seconds, even if proved to be a lie you dont have a trail to tell everyone the truth. Even if you could then there will be a hardcore few who wouldn't believe the truth anyway.

There are cases of people who didn't believe in covid who then died from it, no doubt following on line research. Even rubbish like 5g masts boiled your brain or there were micro chips in your vaccine to trace your movements. People spreading the lies about the microchip did it on line which is traceable, via phones which were traceable and probably paid for their internet with a credit card, yes you guessed its traceable.

So we are given free speech for all, as long as posts are checked and complaints are followed up. Naturally most of the humans were laid off to save money, the computers are too slow and only react to buzz words. This once again allows the lies to spread far and wide, with minimal scrutiny.

When questions about the sites safety start Musk responds with provocative messages. He seems to relish in the controversy he is causing , fanning the already large flames. He could have improved the site, made the experience better and above all made it safer.

Social media is used by those crying out for help from oppressed countries and for minority groups to have a voice. Perhaps it was similair to Facebook in that it grew too quickly. Its backup and monitering facilities couldnt cope. The illegal and dangerous material was shared and was very slowly removed. At least Facebook appears to make some effort to remove the worst content, a fair bit by humans.

So why would you buy a successful business and brand, reduce staff and let it run even more wild then before. The sensible idea would have been to start from scratch, make it clear what you accept and don't accept. then build it properly. Obviously sensible doesn't always apply here. Unless its a step or two further along the plan.

I am sure I don't have the only timeline where many posts about the damage Musk has done. People getting abuse and threats that are ignored and left posted, even after complaints. I know many who either have eith left or posted less. So how does twitters new lord and master deal with the problem, he renames the site and then decides on top of paying for verification ticks users will pay just to be on the site.

As a buissness plan its terrible, unless my theory is right. Imagine a chef going to a top resturant, steals the best recipies but is nasty to the guests eating there. When the restaurant fails the recipe thief opens their own new place and uses the best recipe's. Its what I believe will happen here, the other option is he's a spoiled child who breaks his toys when he's fed up with them. maybe its a bet, buy something for billions and see how long it takes to make it worthless.

Whatever reason there is going to be a gap in the market, I dont think Facebooks version will do massive buissness as you can chat and interact in the actual Facebook platform. It might be good to start over, with a better site which is prepared to succeed. Unfortunately I think if Musk is trying to kill twitter so he can start his own site that the new wont be any better.

Maybe the bet is kill one site and then try and build one up to the same value. Maybe he's showing off his power and how much money he can throw around.

Or maybe he's trying to kill social media as a whole so we have to talk to each other and have to go places to learn and research. Mad idea? fits in perfectly.

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England based carer, live with my wife, her parents and 4 cats. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there . any comments, suggestions or requests considered

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