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I'm Going Back to the 1980's: Anyone Care to Join Me?!

A Retro Look Back At the Monumental Film, "Back to the Future"

By Digital_FootPrintPublished about a month ago 7 min read
I'm Going Back to the 1980's: Anyone Care to Join Me?!
Photo by Mohamed Osama on Unsplash

Sometimes, I wish that I could go back in time and just enjoy my childhood once more and I’m pretty sure that I'm not the only one who feels that way either.

It’s definitely apparent when you’re on Youtube jamming to your favorite tunes from back in the day when you start scrolling down to the comment section.

I would gather to guess about 85 percent of the comments you read are going to be filled with so much nostalgia for the good ole’ days.

Unfortunately, you can’t go back no matter how much we wish we all could.

There just hasn’t been a time machine invented or it hasn’t been made readily available to the public just yet.

One thing we can do………is put on our fave 80’s flick and take a trip back in time whenever your heart desires. That’s what I did this past new years.

I was kicking back on New Year’s Day when I saw that TBS were running a “Back to the Future” marathon all day long so I’d thought I would check it out.

Now this isn’t going to be a blow-by-blow review of the film only some observations I took from it.

Probably, the very first observation I had would be that Marty McFly’s mother is a freak.

Her character, Lorraine Baines, seems a little bit on the sexual repressed side of the game. I think somebody needs to get the poor chick a Playgirl magazine or something, pronto.

One of the scenes had her taking off Marty McFly’s pants after her father hit him with the car. Then you see her sliding her hand up Marty McFly’s thigh.

Smh. Marty McFly’s mother’s panties are getting wet for her own son. This movie’s a little bit on the disturbing side when you really think about it.

Poor George! Homie doesn’t have a chance with a super freak like that.

Speaking of Lea Thompson, she was one hot babe back in the day.

You know, I believe that the celebrity women of the 1980's were a whole lot hotter back then they are today.

Don’t shoot the messenger, ladies. Just one man’s humble opinion.

I forgot how Michael J. Fox was running things back in 80’s. The young man was on top.

He couldn’t be stopped in the 1980's. He had this movie plus the other 2 “Back to the Future” sequels.

He had a hit tv sitcom “Family Ties” and he had the “Teen Wolf” movie.

The first one of course.

I think Fox knew “Teen Wolf 2” would flop. That’s why he passed on it and told them to give it to the Bateman kid.

Christopher Lloyd is……...Just being himself which he is in all of his movies.

He’s always playing a role of a sorta high-strung, wacko scientist in all of his films it seems. Well, at least in the few films I’ve seen him in.

Michael J. Fox meets the young Doc who at first doesn’t want a damn thing to do with him but Marty McFly is able to convince him to help him.

Seeing this next scene made me think of something.

At the beginning of the movie, they made Lea Thompson’s character look old as hell.

The makeup team should’ve won an Oscar for this performance because they had her look more like Fred Thompson.

As frumpy as she was, you could still tell that once upon a time she used to be a hottie.

They’re on their way to the big dance next.

Lorraine’s wearing the hell out of that dress. I don’t think there’s a man alive that could’ve resisted the 1985 version of Lea Thompson.

She ends up kissing Marty McFly in the car but it “feels all wrong to her.” You think?

I have to say that Biff is an asshole for real. He’s the ultimate cockblocker.

I bet if you were to go to Webster’s dictionary and look up the term cockblocker, there would be a picture of him along with that Jay Leno-sized chin of his right there.

Wait a minute! George’s getting ready to take a stand.

“Hey, you get your damn hands off…..”

George should’ve told Biff like Reggie Hammond told that big guy in 48 hours,

“lack of pussy make you brave, man.”

Biff is having his way with old George. He’s beating that man like a redheaded step-child. Speaking of redheads, Lea’s fine ass ain’t no help at all.

Wait, she tries to jump on Biff’s back but he shakes her off like a piece of lint on a Brooks Brother’s suit.

I stand corrected. I applaud her effort no matter how futile it was.

Here comes George with a straight jab to Biff’s big ass chin.

“Down goes Biff! Down goes Biff!” in a Howard Cossell font. George takes Lorraine’s hand and escorts her into the dance.

The graphics are not too shabby for a 1985 film. Some of these old movies don’t necessarily hold up as well over the years when it comes to picture quality.

Just look at the Forrest Gump movie.

Those CGI effects are like spoiled milk because they need to be poured down the drain.

Now George, if you don’t and go get your woman, I’m going to get me a DeLorean and head back to 1955 and take her myself.

There you go, George!

Push that clown out the way and kiss your woman like a true playa.

About damn time! (In an Allen Iverson font) It took the man about an hour and 48 minutes into the film to get his act right. Geez.

Michael J. Fox was really enjoying his night as a rock star. I wonder how old he was when he did this movie.

Heads on over real quick. One moment please….Cues up elevator music.

According to imdb, Fox was 24 years old when this film came out. I would’ve thought he was a little younger then that.

Well, he’s playing the hell out that guitar or should I say somebody else’s playing the hell out of that guitar for him.

Ahhhhh. What I wouldn’t give for a good guitar riff right about now.

Marty? You need to get to that DeLorean and head back on home there, pal.

“Time is ticking,” as I look at my watch

As this movie’s coming to an end, I can’t help but imagine what it must’ve felt like being a teen in the 80’s. I bet those tikes felt like they really could rule the worlddddddd.

I can’t believe this movie is nearing the 40 year old mark.

Time just flew on by faster then Michael J. did in that DeLorean. His parents end up thanking Marty for all of his help and advice.

*Fun fact: My brother told me that they made a shitload of money from those DeLoreans thanks to this movie. I hope they broke Michael J. off with a big ass check.

Him and Doc are having a heart to heart about the future but Doc doesn’t want any part of it.

Fox can’t get the car started. Don’t you just hate when that happens?!

Another thing I have to mention is that the high school principal was such a dick in this movie. The actor (James Tolkan) that plays him is pretty much a villain in all of the movies he’s been in.

I hate dream killers.

You ever notice how piss poor adults that didn’t make it in life want the kids to follow in their same miserable ass footsteps and become losers too?!

Go take a hike, pal!

How about you and those who think like you do us all a big favor and jump off the Grand Canyon?! Please and thanks!

Anyways, back to the film after my rant.

Marty makes it back in time to save Doc who had on a bulletproof vest all this time.

Ooooh! He read the letter that Marty wrote for him.

You know, it wouldn’t be the 1980's without Huey Lewis and the News.

Unfortunately, it’s back to plainjane Lea Thompson. Lord, it should be a crime to make that fine woman look that ooglayyy.

Check out Biff rocking the 1980's Boston Celtics Addidas warmup and he’s right where he should be; A servant to old George.

I think that punch really did knock some sense into the young lad and apparently, it also knocked a large chunk of hair off of his head.

The bald spot is a nice touch though.

They hooked Marty up with a real nice truck and real nice broad to go along with it. You can clearly see them setting up a sequel at the end.

Hollywood has no shame.

Overall, a real nice film. It felt pretty cool taking a trip back in time and seeing this movie as an adult.

By Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash

I think a lot of us would go back in time if we could especially to hang with loved ones who we lost.

Imagine seeing your parents or grandparents when they were younger.

We always here about the stories of how they lived but seeing them in person would’ve been something.

Maybe, it would give us all a deeper appreciation for them just like Marty McFly now has for his parents now.

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