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Greatest Quotes by Famous Geeks

"We are anti social only to the degree that many other people don't seem particularly interesting to us", to quote a famous geek.

By Patricia SarkarPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

Geeks were talking like Jedis log before George Lucas thought of Star Wars Yoda speak. Stereotypes aside, geeks often are people who have a hard time fitting in to any one particular category. Not surprisingly they can become obsessed with multiple intellectual interests. Anti social only to the degree that many other people don't seem particularly interesting.

It was more pronounced in the high schools of the 20th century. Many jocks and cooler kids had to adapt to geek popularity as the guy who could fix your internet became cooler than the guy who could spin a basketball on his finger. This never let up, as it went from internet to X Box. Geeks were also egalitarian in nature. In a world where intellect is so attractive, sexuality is simply a matter of taste.

As the movement has grown to a mature culture in the 21st century, it is important to heed some important words of wisdom from geeks whose quotes and perspectives are recorded for future geek cultures to learn from.

I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything. - Nikola Tesla

Tesla was the Dr. Strange of geeks. What he did seemed magical to some and inspired other to believe in a future where their imagination would become their reality.

Going to a party, for me, is as much a learning experience as, you know, sitting in a lecture. - Natalie Portman

This Geek Goddess was a brainiac straight A student, Hebrew speaking space princess. When you compare a party to a lecture, you are a super big geek.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. - Steve Jobs

This guy was so geek, he broke the geek barrier on the other side and pushed right through to cool. Perhaps more than anyone, he made geek cool. He never settled. Always moving forward. He is an Icon of his generation.

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is believed to be the first celebrity geek in history. The artist thing really helped but it was the brilliance and general creativity that won him renowned fame. Self-taught but innately in touch with his imagination, Leonardo da Vinci pioneered the geek culture.

With great power there must also come great responsibility. - Stan Lee

His existence is the manifestation of his quote. We wouldn't know what geek looked like without Stan Lee.

You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for his own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful. - Marie Curie

You know you are queen of the geeks when your hobby is radioactivity. She kept tubes of radioactive isotopes in her pockets. Her shed was her laboratory. She is credited for discovering elements radium and polonium, and rather than patent the process she had created for isolating the elements, she made it available to everyone. She passed in 1934 from too much radiation exposure. She became so geek she was glowing in her final days.

I can see a scene in my head, and when I try to get it down in words on paper, the words are clunky; the scene is not coming across right. So frustrating. And there are days where it keeps flowing. Open the floodgates, and there it is. Pages and pages coming. Where the hell does this all come from? I don't know. - George R. R. Martin

Game of Thrones is the geekiest geeked out masterpiece of a geek series thanks to this guy. He singlehandedly reinvigorated the sci-fi fantasy genre in pop-culture. George R. R. Martin is the geek Shakespeare.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. - Albert Einstein

Without Albert Einstein geeks might actually have cared about their hair and overall style. But when the smartest guy in the world says worrying about that nonsense isn't worth his valuable time, someone comes along and invents the soup bowl cut.

The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope that 'Star Trek' has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and our abilities. - Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry was the guy who thought of Star Trek. He made space the geek frontier.

Romance is dead. It was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece​.- Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson used her cartoon persona to ring in an era of change for female geeks everywhere. Yes she is fictional and animated but she represents a new era for strong smart geek women everywhere. Romance may not be dead but her warnings to creative women everywhere is to beware of hostile takeovers from a male dominated corporate culture. She may be the world's most famous geek. She is seen on televisions around the globe and translated into 28 different languages.

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