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From Overwatch to Titans: Meet Evey Dantès, Cosplayer Extraordinaire

A lot of scary stuff comes from Australia. It's a country seemingly built for the sole purpose attempting to murder the people that have the stones to live there.

By Jay VergaraPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

A lot of scary stuff comes from Australia. It's a country seemingly built for the sole purpose attempting to murder the people that have the stones to live there. It's not all doom and gloom though, cool stuff comes out of Australia, too. Did you know they invented the electronic pacemaker? That has nothing to do with this article, I just thought it was an interesting fact. Another awesome thing to come out of Australia is Evey Dantès aka Dantès Inferno. This twenty-four-year-old cosplayer/model has racked up 87k likes on her FB page so far and with good reason. She's very good at what she does. With that in mind, here are five of my favorite cosplays by Evey (in no particular order).

1. Annie - Attack on Titan

PHOTO | J.J. Maher

She's got Annie's look down pat and the body paint work is pretty darn fantastic. She looks like she just stepped out of the anime. Well, aside from now being several meters tall.

2. D. Va - Overwatch

I'll be honest, I don't play Overwatch. I haven't given it a chance since I'm one of those grumpy folks that liked it better when it was called Team Fortress 2. Grumpy old man feelings aside, she makes an adorable D. Va so the cosplay shot up to my list of favorites.

3. Ramona Flowers - Scott Pilgrim vs The World

What can I say about this one other than it's absolutely spot on? I feel like I'm going to overuse the phrase "has the look down" if I'm not careful. I'll say it anyway, she has Ramona's look down pat.

4. Misty - Pokemon

PHOTO | Charmaine Morgan Photography

Look, I'm a simple man. I see a Misty cosplay and I automatically like it. I have no problems admitting that I had a crush on Misty when I was a wee lad so every time I see someone cosplay as her, I'm all about it.

5. Catwoman - DC Comics

PHOTO | Easton Chang Photography

Sexy, seductive, and absolutely purrfect (cat pun!). Evey definitely gives Michelle Pfeiffer a run for her money with her rendition of Catwoman.

So there you have, the fantastic cosplayer and all around awesome human that is Evey Dantès. Of course, those are only a handful of the awesome cosplays she's created. If you want to see more of Evey, make sure to check out her various social media and give her a like on Facebook. Links down below.

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You're welcome, internet.


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