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From Hero To Villain: Loki's Redemption In The MCU

With all great redemption stories, nothing's perfectly orchestrated. In the case of Loki's, there's one sad part we all missed.

By Jason Ray Morton Published 8 months ago 3 min read

Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fans of the MCU for the past 14 years have been treated to the delightful depiction of the Norse God Of Mischief, Loki of Asgard. To say that Tom Hiddleston did a phenomenal job bringing Loki to life is an understatement. Not only has Loki been an intriguing character and entertaining to watch, but Hiddleston took ownership of the role in a way that makes him as irreplaceable as other MCU talents such as RDJ, Chris Evans, and the late Chadwick Boseman. 

First appearing in Thor, Loki is the adoptive brother of Thor and a fellow prince of Asgard. Raised by Oden as his own, we later learn that Loki was found on the battlefield as just a baby. Loki and Thor have grand adventures, fighting off the enemies of Asgard alongside the Warriors Three and Lady Siff. 

Growing up in the shadow of the Mighty Thor proves to have been too much for Loki, and we find he has designs on the throne, a throne that ultimately is only coveted by Loki as Chris Hemsworth's Thor matures and realizes what matters to him most. When Loki makes his play, we see him lost in the void of space until The Avengers. 

After staging an attack on New York City, Earth, Loki faces off with the newly gathered team of Earth's mightiest heroes. His attack, which is orchestrated by the Mad Titan, Thanos, proves to be unsuccessful, and Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's greatest heroes fight off the horde of aliens and the rogue Asgardian prince. 

Coming back to Thor's Dark World, and sharing a few moments where fans see his affection for his brother, Loki proves to be more of an anti-hero character despite his designs on the throne of Asgard. Loki wants to be king, and it's a motive that haunts him until his bitter end, which comes along in Ragnarok to Infinity War. In the Marvel Universe of comic heroes, nothing lasts forever. 

Returning to Ragnarok, Loki ultimately proves his love of his people and helps to stave off the extinction of the Asgardians, ultimately seeing his home destroyed. Alongside his brother, Loki proves he's not the quintessential bad guy he appeared to be in his first MCU outing, and they go off to reestablish a home for their people. Until Thanos finds them. 

Loki would not go quietly, even as all appears hopeless. As Thor and the few Asgardians in the room watch, Loki is killed by Thanos…

Loki's return comes during the time travel element of Marvel's last Avengers outing, Avengers Endgame, and that's how he finds himself picked up by the TVA in the Disney Plus series, Loki. His return is to complete one of the most interesting and enjoyable story arcs of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By Soumyojit Sinha on Unsplash

Loki: From Villain to Hero

Tom Hiddleston has ridden a roller coaster character ride from start to finish. Going from the devilishly charming villain that was impossible not to like to that of an Avengers-level hero, Hiddleston was enjoyable for the entirety of a fourteen-year journey. 

Sadly, an unplanned tragedy occurred as Loki's story arc appears to have been completed. 

Thor has helped save Earth, Asgard, and half the known universe. He's battled the forces of evil across the nine realms, loved, and lost along the way. All the while, Thor's losses have stacked up on the screen, his last sight of his brother being killed by the mad Titan. 

"You really are the worst, brother." 

 - Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Avengers Infinity War

Spoiler Alert - Continue at your own risk!

By Erik Mclean on Unsplash

After a two-season arc that included the first appearance of Johnathon Majors in the MCU, as well as Owen Wilson and many others, Loki's story ended in Episode 6 of Season Two of Loki. 

Not only did it end, but it ended in an unexpected way that will leave some fans tearing up. Loki makes the ultimate sacrifice, facing eternity alone as the god of all time. 

That isn't the hidden tragedy. Loki's ultimate redemption story has been missed, largely due to a lack of opportunity. But, his last surviving family member, may never know the truth behind what happened to his brother. If Loki is done, we're unlikely to see Thor and Loki together again and the amazing chemistry the two had on screen. We're even less likely to see Thor learn that his brother was alive and had changed so much that he made the sacrifice play for those he cared about, and was the type of guy that would lay down on the wire so others could cross. 

In the end, Loki saves everything from being wiped away, thus ending an incredible story arc from one of the first big villains in a historic franchise to one of its biggest heroes.

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Comments (2)

  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock8 months ago

    From the very first, you had to love Loki. Tom was incredible in the role.

  • JBaz8 months ago

    Loki, is not my favorite character in fact I disliked him in the original fables. HOWEVER- Hiddleston's portrayal warrants a star and made me actually like Loki.

Jason Ray Morton Written by Jason Ray Morton

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