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Five Time Skylar Astin Showed Off His 'Extraordinary' Vocals.

Yeah your girls back with another Skylar Astin support story ok i get this sounds weird but seriously there is just so meany things about him so here it is these are in completely random order no matter what order its in this is still a top five.

By Hannah J MyersPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
PICTURE: picture collage made by me on PicArtapp.

Number One-Georg Zirschnitz-Spring Awakening (2007)- Broadway Play Original Cast.

A Nineteen Year Old Skylar appeared in the original Broadway production of Michael Mayer’s Spring Awakening alongside future Glee stars Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff, Skylar played the role of Georg Zirschnitz a guy who is obsessed with his piano teachers breasts while also rocking a shaved sides and front curl haircut, he sings one of the most notable songs from this play after ‘Momma Who Bore Me’ which is ‘Touch Me’ he shows that he is meant to be on the stage there is a few videos of him singing this song on YouTube he has also repeated said performance of ‘Touch Me’ on his ‘Home Keys’ Instagram mini-series which I have mentioned before in a previous Vocal post.

Number Two- Greg Serrano- My Super Ex-Girlfriend .

After Skylar replaced the previous actor playing ‘Greg Serrano’ in this TV series which is available on Netflix by the way there is a particular scene where he sings a song called ‘I Hate Everything But You’ in a kind of ‘Bruce Springsteen’ Way this one stood out to me more because it made me laugh more even though there are quite a few good numbers in the whole of the series, but seriously the live version her performs in the ‘my crazy ex-girlfriends concert' is another reminder of how versatile he is as not only a screen actor but also as a stage actor he professional in the way that he knows exactly how to entertain the audience and I mean being on stage is totally different to being in front of a camera but, Skylar makes it work every time the live performance of the song is on racheldoesstuff YouTube which belongs to ‘Rachel Bloom’ who the shows Protagonist and creator go check it out.

Number Three- Seventeen Interview/ Finish the Lyrics Game alongside Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Co-Star Alex Newell (who is also an incredible singer)

In this game Skylar proved he did not need a piano or any other type of instruments other than his voice of course he really showed his versatility of vocal range when singing the lyrics out loud and finishing them, Skylar reeled of every lyric and harmonized so well with Alex if these two ever did a duet on Zoey’s Playlist it would be remarkable and but seriously Skylar’s knowledge of music is phenomenal and seeing how happy he gets when he is singing even when it’s just for fun in this interview, it makes you laugh and smile with him and we defiantly as I mentioned earlier need to see a live duet with Alex if they ever do a live concert of ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ my good god that would be amazing and they should tour and come to the UK……err ok where was I anyway yeah check the interview out guys and see for yourselves Available on Seventeen’s YouTube.

Number 4- Max- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Ok ok I know I have mentioned Zoey’s already but seriously this program is the best thing since Glee or Smash like the acting and singing in it and the whole cast of this programme are extremely talented, now Skylar’s character Max has quiet a few solo’s but my favourite one has to be the characters rendition of ‘The Proclaimers- I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ that stood out for me the way his character is singing his inner feelings for ‘Jane Levey’s’ character I have seen that little clip in a preview and you could tell he would walk literally the earth to show how much he likes Zoey, and I think the way he sang it and composition was amazing like it makes you feel warm and fuzzy and routing for Zoey and Max to get together, I mean in the UK we are a few Episodes Behind The US so I am not fully up to date just yet I’ve seen a few spoilers on Skylar’s Instagram but yeah I am hoping and praying that Max and Zoey end up together hopefully fingers crossed.

Number Five- Jesse Swanson- Pitch Perfect 1 & 2

Now this is where I absolutely fell in love with Skylar’s voice from when he literally did a whole riff when benji asked how Jesse’s voice was and he literally just let rip a full rift in one bit of song in, ‘pitch perfect 1’ Skylar just blew my mind throughout the whole movie the cast was talented as hell but that’s when my love affair for Skylar started and even if The Treble Makers were only in the riff off and opened up an assembly in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, he showed he still had it and brought it so yeah Jesse Swanson will live on forever in music movies history, so there you have it a top five count down of Skylar Astin showing off his vocals

. Guys seriously check Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist I mean it may not be to everyone’s taste but it is phenomenal and the cast are outstanding.

Well that’s another Skylar Astin story and I hope you like it, I know it may be a bit long winded but yeah.


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