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Thank You Skylar Astin

Why We All Need A Little Skylar Astin In Our Lives During Covid-19 situation

By Hannah J MyersPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Picture Credit: MTV.COM


I think we can all agree both here in the United Kingdom and all over the world this Covid-19 lock down is getting to us all, I am currently missing my Brother and Sister and my nieces and nephews and my Grandmother I can face time them but it’s not the same as hugging them or play fighting with them during this you miss the little things, as a key worker who has been put on lock down due to my mother having symptoms I have had to miss out on work and conversation with my colleagues that kept me sane and made me laugh, I continuously am finding myself watching movies over and over again.

Also scrolling through the usual social media platforms, mostly Instagram I follow quite a few celebs as most people do but there is one person and this going to sound really creepy, I have been mainly focusing on and that’s Skylar Astin.

Skylar is better knowing for playing Jesse opposite Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 or if you’re not into them types of movies he also appears in the film 21 & Over opposite Miles Teller, the reason I am more focused and drawn to Skylar’s Instagram is his VOICE I mean if you have seen the above mentioned films you will know that this guy can sing.

Skylar has started a new thing on Instagram called ‘HOME KEYS’ the name he said was thought up by his older brother Jace as Skylar mentioned on a Instagram live Recently with Tiktoker and You Tuber Montana Tucker were he also displayed his unforgettable vocals through covers of Billy Joel’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ and Gene Wilder ‘Pure Imagination’ but he also sang, his own song titled ‘Stay Home’ which is very Apt for the situation everyone is finds themselves in at the minute the song is incredible he is an incredible Songwriter.

Skylar has played his own song on his Instagram page a song he wrote for a girl he liked at one point but sadly it did not work out, Skylar has basically got me through most of this lock down I listen to his songs every night before I go to sleep it sounds silly but his voice is so soothing and relaxing but not the boring send you to sleep its basically the relax and make you smile voice.

He basically deserves every ounce of my support or even everyones support he is an inspiration to Meany and he doesn’t even know it he’s such a beautiful human being so thank you Skylar Astin for making the world at this time a little more sunshine and rainbows and a lot less Lightning and Rain. Like seriously I don’t think I would have been able to get through this lock down without watching these Instagram TV video’s he is insanely talented he is a triple threat he is a big family man as well if you look through his Instagram you will find quiet a lot of post with his mom, dad and two brothers and his sister, he is just an all around genuine guy, so yeah sorry I rambled on a bit then but.


Anyway this was a review on ‘Home Keys’ by Skylar Astin check his Instagram to see it for yourself he is amazing.

His Instagram Is @SkylarAstin well that’s obvious man this lock down is getting to me.

Also Check Skylar Out as Max on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist On,

U.S-NBC- Sundays @9pm

U.K- E4- Wednesdays @10pm


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