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Jackson Rathbone Characters, and His Films You Should Watch 5 to 1

By Hannah J MyersPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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anyway i just wanted to shout his name he is just such an unbelievable actor from playing a Vampire to A Ghost to Hunting Witches the guy has done it all even playing a schizophrenic in Criminal Minds. here i rank 5 of my top characters he has played and what Films and TV shows they are from.

please enjoy.

5. Character: Adam Jackson

TV Show: Criminal Minds (S4 Ep20-Conflicted)

Jackson played a really good character when he appeared in Criminal Minds he played a Schizophrenic who had two personality's the other being a woman called Amanda, his acting was phenomenal like he had studied every thing about being a schizophrenic just for this episode and the switch from ADAM to AMANDA was done superbly, when you guys watch the episode or even if you have seen it the line 'I Said No' was the best switch in character going seriously shows his versatility as an actor.

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4. Character: Justin Wood

Film: Cowboy's N' Angels (2012)

In this family loving film he plays a southern gentleman Cowboy, who falls in love with one of main girls in the rodeo show team but her coach doesn't like it, in the end though it all works out because the coach come to the reality you can also be in love but also do what you love with out getting distracted its also kinda heartwarming so get the tissues ready.

Pic Art Collage Made By Me

3. Character: Walsh

Film: Warhunt this film is incredible Jackson plays the role of Walsh he played it really well and looks a far cry from jasper hale with his natural hair (he is a natural brunette) and grungy look, who helped a group of soldiers to search for an aeroplan of the previous soldiers who crashed but there was a sinister way in which they died and the team go through the same creepy fate as the group before them, it is a World War 2 film so if you like war films and horror films this is the film for you, and get ready for the massive twist at the end it is such an incredible twist blink and you miss it.

made by me using PicArt collage

4. Until We Meet Again

Character: Eddie Conway

THIS!! This film is one of the sweetest films going and yes! you will need tissues, so the list shows what i said in the opening headline he is so versatile in his acting it is unreal in this film he plays a Pianist who has been lingering in his house since he died 35 years previously...yep you guessed it he, he plays a ghost now he can do everything but go outside, he can smoke he can drink and he can eat. this is a love story as he falls in love with the girl who is house sitting for new owners of the house and well yeah i will let you watch for your self.

picture made by me using Pic Art Collage

1. Twilight

Character: Jasper Hale

well this is the character i fell in love with in twilight while everyone else was team edward or jacob i was always team Jasper he played this part so well he was the quiet guy the never underestimate me guy yano, the mess with my family and ill defend them but stays back and is a gentleman with charm and sophistication and loves unconditionally as shown with his relationship with Alice so yeah this is were my love affair for Jackson began.

made by me on picart pic collage

so there you go a top 5 run down of characters Jackson Rathbone has played and the films you should watch i hope you enjoy and manage to watch the films i have mentioned.

love and positive vibes people peace out :)

love and


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