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Peter Porte is returning to Days of Our Lives as Dimitri

Fans will watch to see if Janet Drucker will write the character differently than Albert Alarr.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Dimitri is heading back to Salem

Peter Porte's character, Dimitri Vonleuschner, left Days of Our Lives months ago when he was sent to prison. Viewers did not know if he was gone for good or might return one day. It now seems Dimiti is headed back to Salem.

Viewers received confirmation on Friday when Sloan Petersen ((Jessica Serfaty) alerted Leo Stark ( Greg Rikaart) that the love of his life was being released. Leo has mentioned Dimitri a few times and he did not move on with anyone else.

How will Janet Drucker write Porte's character?

Days of Our Lives fans wonder how the character will be written now that Janet Drucker has replaced Albert Alarr. Previously, Dimitri was reduced to bedroom scenes with Leo, and they were undressed 90% of the time on screen. This offended many DOOL fans who said the beloved series had turned into a soft porn show.

Since Drucker's scenes have been airing, the cast has not been shown in many sex scenes and are not using explicit language as before. Days fans said on social media posts they were tired of hearing Leo talk about Dimitri's "magic penis."

It will be interesting to see what happens when Leo has his honey bunny back in his arms. Will they have a hot reunion or will Drucker keep things tame?

Will Dimitri spill Sloan's secret?

On Friday, Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn) stopped Sloan from financing Leo's room at the Salem Inn. Eric is not buying the duo's story 100% of why she was helping him, and things are beginning to unravel. When Dimitri returns, where will he and Leo be staying?

Will he be allowed back into the Dimera mansion, where Leo can live like a king or will he devise another scheme? At some point, the truth will come out that Sloan and Eric are raising Nicole Dimera's (Arianne Zucker) son, Jude, and this will cause a lot of fallout. Perhaps Dimitri's return signals that the secret is about to come out.

What will happen with Nicole?

Days fans know that Zucker is off the soap and has filed a lawsuit. What is not known is whether or not she will work things out with DOOL execs if Nicole will be written out or replaced. Viewers are eager for Nicole to be reunited with Jude, and she might end up back with Eric.

In addition to the news that Dimitri is returning, it looks like Eric and Nicole may both be working for the Spectator. Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn) hired his sister-in-law as a reporter and he is considering adding Eric as a backup photographer.

At some point, the former lovers will cross paths and once they find out Jude is their son, their feelings may come to the surface. All of this is up in the air now that Zucker's lawsuit has been filed. DOOL viewers who are hoping for a reunion between Jude and his birth parents may or may not get what they are hoping for based on what happens with Nicole's portrayer.

What will Leo and Dimitri do?

If Leo and Dimitri are short on funds, they may become desperate and find some way to use the Jude revelation to their advantage. Dimitri may show up in time for May sweeps, and his presence in Salem is sure to cause mixed reactions.

Be looking out for spoilers and breaking news on what's next for the good people of Salem. Keep watching for updates related to when Peter Porte will return to Days of Our Lives and what is in store for Dimitri, Leo, Nicole, and Eric.


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  • Mariann Carroll2 months ago

    Thank you for you update on Day Of Our Lives, I do not watch it anymore because it not on regular TV Channel. I do love your review, they seem to be on point

Cheryl E PrestonWritten by Cheryl E Preston

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