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Double Dee, the Patient Chapter 2 (An Ed, Edd, N Eddy Fanfiction)

by Marielle Sabbag 4 years ago in fan fiction
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A Short Story


“Rem-Remember, children, uh… insects have four life stages… can anyone tell me what they’re called?”

Edd struggled through his lesson plan that morning. His tired expression resembled his children who looked as if they wanted to fall asleep too. Some played with their pencils. Others were fully attentive wanting to learn. It was a shame as this was a lesson Edd had truly looked forward to teaching. He had wanted to make his class learn about one of his favorite passions and think differently about the world of nature.

Only the larvae in the jars of oatmeal wasn’t making the awful feeling in his stomach subside. In fact looking at the unappetizing supposed healthy breakfast food made him want to disgorge what little he had eaten.

Edd realized he closed his eyes for a few seconds the instant he sat down at his desk. It was too much effort to even stand. He felt like he’d collapse to the ground.

“Um… anybody? Justin?” Edd asked a student who wasn’t even raising his hand.

The child’s cheeks grew pink, slowly sinking into his chair, like a turtle. “Um… egg, l-larvite… pupa, and adult?”

“Very good.” It felt like such a challenge to even smile.

“Mr. McGee, Justin is wrong,” his student, Ellen, spoke up. “It’s called larvae! Not larvite!”

Ugh, please don’t shout. “Correct.”

“Mr. McGee?” A student from the middle row asked raising their hand.

“Yes?” Don’t look at the jars full of oatmeal. Mind over matter.

“Why do we keep the larvae in oatmeal again?”

Edd was too sick to think or form words. His mind was complete mush. This was just embarrassing! “It makes good preservation.”

“How come oatmeal looks like barf?” one of his eccentric, loves-to-stir-up-trouble, students spoke up.

Edd put a hand over his eyes and another on his stomach, which leaped. Any little movement and surely he’d be ill. If he stayed as stiff as a statue he’d feel better.

“Okay, l-let’s move on to book reports.”

There were an echo of groans and ‘I don’t want to’ excuses that carried throughout the room.

“But, Mr. McGee, your science experiment ends at 9:30! It’s only 9:00!”

Was it only 9:00? “Well, um, we have a lot to get through. We’ll continue with our science experiment later. Melissa, would you like to start first?”

His student walked to the front of the room. This was a project Edd had been looking forward to. The assignment was to read a children’s book of any genre. It could be a picture or a chapter book. And then they were to write at least two pages on their opinion of the story.

The first book report was about Junie B. Jones. All Edd had to do was listen. He’d grade the projects later when his mind wasn’t a blurred mess. With the twenty students he had, the sharing of the reports would surely take an hour. Please, the kids have art class at 10:00. Another chance for him to sit and relax.

The fifth student's book report came around. Why were his eyes spinning?

Why did he leave the house today? Edd wasn’t going to make it through this day. How would he get home after? Would he have to walk just like this morning? He couldn’t stand! The sun drifted behind the clouds. Was that rain he smelled? Ugh… no, the oatmeal! His stomach churned again.

“Hello, students!” The principal’s cheery voice echoed when she walked into the room. It was Mrs. Alliston, a tall, plump and cheerful woman. She was a wonderful woman who enjoyed every aspect about her job. She even became a mentor to Edd throughout his first year encouraging and congratulating all his achievements. Like a mother. Why did she pick this day to come into his classroom?

“Good morning, Mrs. Alliston!” Edd’s students greeted as they were taught to do so in school.

“Oh, what nice children! What are you working on today?” she asked.

“Book reports,” Jorden, the next student ready to give his project, answered.

“Oh, that sounds fun. Mind if I listen in for a bit?”

No, take me home. “Sure,” Edd answered. His voice sounded sicker from before. And now he was more nauseated. Why was he sweating when he clearly felt chills? And he couldn’t even see straight. Had he always had twice this many students? Did Mrs. Alliston notice? Was that her looking at him or his student?

“’My favorite scene in the book was the roller coaster,’“ Jorden read from his paper. “’I love roller coasters. Roller coasters are fun rides. They go up, down, to the side. And upside down…’“

A roller coaster. Now Edd was thinking about the roller coaster he and his friends road on years ago when they were kids. It sped down a large hill very fast until whirling upside down or from side to side, spinning. And spinning. And spinning. Until…

Edd’s stomach felt like a roller coaster. Oh dear, no, I should never have imagined that! Before Edd could even pray he leaned over the side of his desk and vomited all over the floor. Unfortunately he had miscalculating thinking that was the side his trash can was on.

His students cringed yelling and immediately looking away.

Edd felt a pair of hands grasp at his shoulders. “Oh dear, Mr. McGee, are you all right?” He heard Mrs. Alliston ask. His stomach heaved again, until there was nothing. As his blurred mind slowly become clear once more Mrs. Alliston had helped him stand up and quickly led him out from the room.

“Out into the halls, children, oh Allie get the janitor, please! Mrs. Schall, can you look after Mr. McGee’s class, please?” she yelled into the classroom across the hall.

Trembling, Edd held his head in complete and utter shame. He had thrown up. Right in front on his students! How could he let something like this happen? The utter looks of shock and disgust on his children’s faces. What was worse, he was near them! Parents were going to think he was an irresponsible man for coming into work where anyone could so easily contract stomach flu.

“There, there, Eddward. The worst is over…” Mrs. Alliston warmly assured him, giving Edd a tissue to clean off his mouth. She comfortingly wrapped an arm around his shoulder. Although Edd was much taller then the woman he couldn’t keep up with her speed. In fact he half leaned against her for support. Oh, he was such a burden! The hallways felt much longer than usual.

“L-Look at what I did…” Edd uttered in complete and utter shame, his voice muffled behind the kleenex.

“It’s all right, dear, it happens to everyone. You’re going to feel a lot better once you lie down,” she smiled up at him. It was only to hide how disappointed she was in him. Teachers never got sick! Especially in front of their class!

As soon as he was in the office the nurse immediately sat Edd on a bed with the crinkly white paper used to protect the bed from germs. He cringed not knowing how many other sick students had occupied this bed. He was already sick. It didn’t matter much now. In all his years being a student, he never had to go to the nurse.

“Do you feel like you may be sick again, Mr. McGee?” the nurse asked holding a thermometer in his ear. She was very friendly offering him water to rinse his mouth and even avoiding children to come into the nurses office.

“I don’t know!” Edd sniffled, hugging himself, shivering. First he was warm. Then freezing. He had to admit that he did feel a little better. But, not for long. That unsettling churn came back.

“Calm down, Mr. McGee. Being upset makes your stomach feel worse. Oh dear,” the nurse was shocked the instant she looked at the thermometer. “Your temperature is at one hundred and one! You poor thing. Here, put your legs up, lie down. Would you like a blanket?”

Edd nodded. His hands felt like ice. He felt like a little kid once more, barely able to form words as tears leaked from his eyes like a waterfall. Tears weren’t helping his case. In fact they did make him feel worse. Edd felt that burdensome churn once more, clutching his stomach and sitting up, covering his mouth. On instinct the nurse grabbed the trash can. Once again, Edd was left on his own to regurgitate as the nurse encouraged him from a safe distance.

Afterwards she helped the poor lightheaded man lie back on the bed this time placing a blanket over him.

A flustered Mrs. Alliston came into the room, having overheard. “Eddward, I’m going to get your husband on the phone. He can come and take you home.”

“No!” It hurt too much to yell so he lowered his voice. “Don’t call my husband, please?”

“Why not?” Mrs. Alliston asked alarmed.

“E-Eddy is very stressed at work.” It pained Edd to say that. He wanted Eddy now, more than ever but, he couldn’t create stress for him. He was already under a lot of pressure due to work and the car. The last thing Edd wanted was for Eddy to be angry with him. He could just picture how disappointed Eddy would be. “Could you contact my friend, Ed Hillis? Or his wife, May? There numbers are under the emergency contacts too.”

That’s all the energy Edd had left to speak. He closed his eyes unable to stand the light in the room. His head hurt and his muscles ached all over.

“Sure, Mr. McGee. Don’t worry about anything. Get some rest. Do you need anything right now?” the nurse asked.

My husband. “No,” Edd’s voice croaked with a heartbreaking sob.

The nurse comfortingly pat his shoulder once more. “It’s all right. You rest here. Call if you need anything.” Before the nurse left she pulled the trash can up to the very edge of the bed. Thankfully she turned out the lights.

Edd was left alone in the little room. He was going to get fired, he knew it. The principal was masking how angry she was. A first year teacher. Sick in front of the class, on the job.

All Edd wanted to do was snuggle closely next to Eddy. When was the last time they snuggled?

Their schedules hardly coincided. There were times when Eddy’s boss kept his employees after closing time, forcing them to restock the auto parts in their store. Eddy wouldn’t be home until after midnight, practically crawling into the apartment, sludge marks covering his body, and his face tired as can be. And Edd was fast asleep to the point where he didn’t hear him sometimes.

Edd closed his eyes. He could hear Mrs. Alliston reaching Ed through the cracks of the door. At least his best friend would take him home so he could rest.

Edd finally fell asleep, the most peaceful bliss he felt all day.

fan fiction

About the author

Marielle Sabbag

Writing has been my passion since I was 11 years old. I love creating stories from fiction, poetry, fanfiction. I enjoy writing movie reviews. I would love to become a creative writing teacher and leave the world inspiring minds.

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