Disney Gluttony Challenge

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Bringing eating challenges to Disneyland

Disney Gluttony Challenge

When Roman boasted that he was going to make a restaurant at Walt Disney World consisting of a variety of dishes from Disney movies that can either be guessed or replicated, no one really thought he was going to succeed. It took many years of saving money, talking to the right people, getting the right resources, and even signing the right paperwork, but he was able to get his restaurant to open at Walt Disney World, especially when he claimed that the House of Mouse likely did something similar to advocate to the diverse array of characters that visit.

When Roman spread the word of the House of Mouse Cafe opening at Disney World, there were a lot of responses that ranged from surprise to proud. Emile and Remy, two gays that knew Roman from art class in high school, we're roaming around Disney World as a special date and Emile suggested checking out the new restaurant. They didn't know what to expect when they entered, but they were slightly surprised when they saw that the interior looked like a condensed version of the House of Mouse. They were greeted by Roman while waiting for a table.

"Welcome to the House of Mo—Emile Picani? Remy Dextrose? Is that you?" Roman said.

Emile chuckled at the reaction.

"Roman Turnover. Long time no see," Remy responded with a smirk.

"So... you actually did it. You brought your restaurant to life," Emile added.

"It took a lot of work, but yes," Roman proclaimed.

Roman brought the two to a table and handed them menus. Emile, obviously, was able to recognize more items than Remy could, from the cuisine of Harryhausen's to the dishes from "Ratatouille" and the cake from "Sleeping Beauty."

"Rosanna has made fabulous desserts in the past, so she can make the ones here no problem," Roman proudly explained the abilities of his coworker.

There was a section of the menu that seemed to intrigue Emile.

"Care to explain the 'Challenges' section?" he asked.

"Well, I added something special for the daring foodies and Disney fans: massive challenge items inspired by the Disney films. Anyone who can complete those under a certain time limit will get their picture on the Wall of Fame."

While Remy was looking over at the empty Wall of Fame, Emile looked over the Challenges section out of curiosity. He saw a giant "bug platter" made of various meats, the identified desserts from when Mickey and Minnie were Hansel and Gretel, piping hot "Pizza Planet," and something that was referred to as "The Emperor's New Meal." He recognized the array of dishes from what Kronk had to make in Emperor's New Groove. After talking with Remy, who said he would have a Bug Bowl, Emile declared "I'll have 'The Emperor's New Meal'!" proudly at the same time as another man a table away. The pair heard it and they looked over at a man as chipper as Picani sitting with a guy with glasses and a necktie. Picani and the chipper man looked at each other with narrow eyes as the waiters took their orders.

"Ooh, looks like you've got a challenger, Picani. Okay, that's Three Oinkers Wearing Pants, a Plate of Hot Air, Basket of Grandma's Breakfast, and change a bull to a gill."

Roman took the orders, as did the waiter at the other table, and they headed back to the kitchen. The couples were facing each other and the challengers looked like they were trying to intimidate each other.

"You think that guy can take down Patton?" the necktie-wearer asked.

"Oh, trust me, Emile has had his meals in particular ways to keep himself from getting sick!" Remy retorted.

"Well, I never thought I'd be boasting about it, but Patton has skillfully eaten a lot. He's not the kind to back down from food easily!" the necktie-wearer proclaimed.

"Aww, Logan! You have faith in me!" the competitor named Patton said before kissing Logan's cheek.

After some talking and light banter, both servers brought over the orders to the tables. While their boyfriends' orders were significantly infinitesimal in comparison, Patton and Emile both received three pork rib clubs with extra bacon on the side, two chilli cheese bloomin' onions, a plate of catfish, and steak cut in the shape of a trout.

"What an addition to Opening Night!" Roman shouted before rushing to a wall and pressing a Mickey-shaped button.

Lights flickered on and off and some music played for everyone to hear.

"Attention everyone! We have our first challengers tonight! They will compete against each other to finish their individual meals and if they can finish their meals within an hour, their meals are free of charge and will take their place on the Wall of Fame!" Roman announced to everyone.

The restaurant clapped for Emile and Patton and Logan was the only one looking embarrassed.

"Emile Picani and Patton Poodle shall wait until the timer starts to eat their foods! Consuming their drinks are optional, but they must keep their foods down for it to be valid!" Roman continued.

Roman looked at the challengers to see if they are ready.

"Is this a thing for single challengers, too?!" Remy shouted.

"Considering the large amount of food, I don't expect it to be a regular thing!" Roman shouted in return.

He pointed towards a co-worker by the timer and shouted, "Ready, Octavius?"

Octavius responded, "You know it!" before everyone started the countdown.




Patton took in the rib sandwiches one at a time as Emile proceeded to start with the bloomin' onions. Patton was shoving as much of each sandwich in his mouth as he could before he took a long time chewing. He swallowed and hurled the rest of each sandwich in his mouth and did the last of his chewing and swallowing.

As this was happening, Emile was consuming his "plate of hot air" one messy handful at a time. Remy was cheering him on like a queerleader and Emile made sure to wash down his food with some water every once in a while.

Patton raised his arms in victory after scarfing down bacon and decided to move on to the bloomin' onions. Logan made a remark on how he never thought he'd see chilli and cheese on bloomin' onion before Patton grabbed his stomach in pride and eventually started consuming both servings on one plate.

As Patton was welcoming his plate of hot air in with a gently smiling if jaws, Emile decided it would be easier to cut his pork sandwiches in half and get the bacon over and done with. Emile consumed his bacon and felt guilty for not sharing it with Remy, but Remy gave him a smile that showed he was content. Emile seemingly had more sandwich to go through, but he was glad he wasn't nauseous from the food.

Both of them finished their portions and moved on to their catfish. Everyone around them rooted for different competitors and the employees made bets amongst each other on who would finish first. Octavius looked at the timer and recognized that there were 10 minutes left on the clock and human limitations everyone had to consider.

They both each had one item left in their presence that they had to finish: a steak cut in the shape of a trout. Cutting with a knife and fork before eating wasn't an issue for either of them, but their stomachs would prove to cause conflict like Patton and Emile were Timon and a teenage Simba having a snail-eating contest. Emile was aware of his limits and slowed down his consumption. His opponent, on the other hand, had eyes bigger than his stomach; Patton consumed half of his steak before he felt the need to grip onto his stretched stomach as it was begging to surrender. Patton and Logan saw that there were six minutes left on the clock and Logan reminded him he could take a break and he'll take care of Patton the next day. The truth was, Patton didn't really care for winning, just the fun of competing and discovering his limits. Patton finished with a slower pace and there were cheers all around them.

"Ladies, lords, nonbinary royalty! Both competitors have finished the challenge, but only one can be the first face on the Wall of Fame and one can be the second!" Roman declared to everyone.

After some chatter between Octavius and Roman, one of the staff members grabbed both competitors in order to take their pictures. They both felt different than when they entered, but they each did their best to smile like they were genuinely healthy.

"With four minutes and 30 seconds to spare... Emile Picani!" Octavius announced.

Remy shouted and hugged Emile while trying not to squeeze his stomach too hard. Patton and Logan approached the pair and the competitors shook hands.

"Do you two live in the area?" Logan asked.

"Of course. The alligators can't toss themselves into drive-thru windows," Emile joked.

Logan handed Patton a notebook and he wrote some stuff in the notebook before handing the paper to Emile and Picani.

"I'm not against making new friends, so maybe we can keep in touch," Patton suggested, much to Emile's delight.

"For Patton Poodle, he has finished with... four minutes and 10 seconds to spare!" Octavius announced.

Everyone cheered for the competitors and they smiled at each other as their boyfriends paid for their own meals and escorted their stuffed boyfriends out of the restaurant. Roman chuckled while watching his acquaintances and friends off. If it was fun on the first night, he couldn't wait for the upcoming days ahead of him.

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