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Crushed Season 4 Review: Worth Watching Finale

Crushed Season 4 Review

By Ayush VermaPublished 14 days ago 3 min read
Crushed Season 4 Review

Amazon Prime should learn from its younger son Mini TV how to bring quick seasons of shows like Crushed, which came much after Mirzapur; even the fourth installment of Crushed has also hit the market. The show is completely complete, but we are still waiting for season 3 of Mirzapur. Well, we will talk about Mirzapur some other time. Today let's talk about season 4 of Crushed, which is the season finale. So, friends, how was this finale? How is the ending? Now we will discuss, so all of you are requested to stay connected with the post.

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Crushed Season 4 Review

Well Crushed Season 4 starts exactly where its season 3 ended, that is, Sam is now back in LCC, Aadhya is upset with him, and his friend Prateek is also upset with him, so will Sam be able to convince everyone or not? To know what happens in the end and what not, you will have to watch this show, which has six episodes whose longevity ranges from 22 minutes to 28 minutes, including the final episode, which is 43 minutes.

To be honest with you, after season 1, there is that emotion in season 4, which was a complete hit, yes, finally crushed. The show has been completed, and the ending that I got to see, I personally liked a lot. I mean, all your school memories will become fresh.

The first five episodes are on one side, and episode number six is on one side. I mean, episode 6 has hit me emotionally; there are no words for praise.

We have also passed the school life, and today's children are also passing it. Of course, both generations have a lot of differences, but the moment of farewell can be related to them, and we too do.

So what I mean to say is that the farewell moment created in the show has been very emotional in episode 6, where things have been well presented, be it the characters, their dynamics, their emotions—everything has been presented amazingly.

Season 4 is completely about Sam or Aadhya. In the first season, a lot of conflicts were seen between Prateek and his girlfriend. Now, this fourth entry of the crushed show is completely based on Sam or Aadhya, and both have done amazing work.

I think today's children are going to find the characters of this show very relatable, and they are going to completely enjoy these characters, their bonding, their dynamics, and their emotions.

This show has been made keeping in mind today's 14- to 15-year old children, so everything to attract them has been kept here, and the good thing is that no vulgarity or cheapness of any kind has been shown.

Emotions have been presented in a very subtle way, but things were not over the top. Apart from this, the music of the show is good, the BGM is good, and there is also a light comedy and good emotions.

Crushed Season 4 Hdhub4u

Hdhub4u is a website from which you can watch the Crushed show even free of charge, but I do not recommend you at all to use these platforms. Watch Crushed web series on its original platform because of safety or privacy purposes.

I do not promote any pirated or movie-downloading website because it is very dangerous, so avoid it.


In short, Crushed Season 4 is one of the finest seasons in terms of pedal guidance. The show is absolutely neat and clean; there is no vulgarity or cheapness.

So guys, this was my review of Crushed Season 4. I hope you like it. Don't forget to give me a like.

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