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Joram Movie Ending Explained: It's Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

Joram Movie Ending Explained

By Ayush VermaPublished 15 days ago 4 min read
Joram Movie Ending Explained

Man is a kind of devil who always has a feeling of revenge, but in the feeling of revenge, the only person who gets harmed is himself. If you want to know this story, stay connected. There are many spoilers ahead, so you may choose to stop reading now.

The story takes place in Mumbai, where a man named Bala lives with his wife and their few-month-old daughter. Both husband and wife work as laborers all day and sleep in a small room at night.

Joram Movie Ending Explained

This is how Bala is spending his life in this poverty, and then one day Phulo Karma, the tribal leader of Jharkhand, comes to Mumbai to distribute solar lights or sarees to laborers and asks them about their village and district in exchange. During that time, Phulo Karma meets Bala, who tells them that we are from Jin Pidi village, Jharkhand. On hearing this, Phulo Karma gives a doubtful expression.

After having dinner at Bala's house, Phulo Karma returns to her home with her secretary, Bideshi.

The next day, Bala buys a saree for his wife from the sale so that her mood can improve a bit, but when he reaches home, he sees his wife Vanno lying face down and his daughter crying nearby, then someone attacks him from behind.

On the other side, there is a person who makes a video of Bala. Bala tries to understand everything but gets scared in the grief of his dead wife as to what he should do, but then he hears the police coming. The police do not think Bala is a murderer, so he runs away with his daughter.

Now the police are trying to catch Bala. This case was given to Ratnagar by a senior officer, but he is already in fatigue mode due to continuous work.

Bala spends the entire night darting around, trying to stay one step ahead of the police and avoid getting caught.


Phulo Karma had sent the people who killed Bala's wife. Phulo Karma gives Bala's video in the news and says that he is a Naxalite, and the news starts spreading like fire. Then it is known that Bala real name is Dasru, and he has previously worked with Naxalites.

Bala somehow reaches the railway station safely, and he is waiting for the train going towards Jharkhand, but suddenly his daughter poops to clean, and she gets wet and has to enter the other train and go to the washroom to clean. Seems like

Then the police see Bala on the CCTV of the railway station, and the police chase Bala, but he escapes.

Why Phulo Karma killed Bala's wife?

The question mark now is why Phulo Karma killed Bala's wife. Here the story goes back six years, when Bala, i.e., Dasru, along with his wife Vanno, were spending their lives happily in Jin Pidi village, Jharkhand.

These people were a kind of tribal; that is why Phulo Karma's son actually sold the land of Jin Pidi village and offered development there to the government in return, but the tribal people did not agree, and Madhavi supported the government by fooling the people.

Despite many requests, the government starts taking over the place, and at the same time, a group of Naxalites is formed to save the land, which Dasru also joins.

Then she kills Naxalite leader Madhavi by throwing her upside down, in which Dasru supports her, but Madhavi is killed in this incident, after which Dasru silently leaves the village with his wife Vanno, and then Phulo Karma loses her son along with her. She also loses her husband and is alone. Phulo Karma finally joins hands with the government and launches a hunting operation in which all the Naxalites are killed.

Then, gradually, the map of the village also starts changing.

Now the story comes to an end. Bala comes to Jharkhand from Mumbai in a truck. On the other hand, police inspector Ratnagar also reaches Jharkhand, where he comes to know the history of Dasru or Phulo Karma, and he also identifies who killed Dasru's wife Vanno.

Dasru's wanted picture is published all over the village. After reaching his village, he comes to know that the MLA here is Phulo Karma, but he does not know that she is also Madhavi's mother.

After reaching the village, Dasru meets his friend Samson, who tells him that after he left the village, all the Naxalites were killed in the hunt operation, and now the army or government rules the village.

Dasru asks for help from his friend. His friend asks him to rest near a tree and leaves from there, saying that he will come back while he betrays Dasru and informs the police.

Due to the darkness, Dasru is not caught by the police and escapes. Finally, Dasru goes to meet MLA Phulo Karma.

Phulo Karma sees Dasru following her and goes to the coal mine, where Ratnagar also reaches. While Ratnagar is talking to Phulo Karma, Dasru also comes and asks for help from Phulo Karma, but Ratnagar tells Dasru that your wife's murderer is Phulo Karma because six years ago you guys killed her son Madhavi.

Phulo Karma tries to get a gun from Ratnagar to kill Dasru, but accidentally shoots herself and dies.

The police attack Dasru, but Dasru once again escapes with his daughter, and the film ends here.

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