'Criminal Minds' Season 15

by Hannah Elliott 10 months ago in tv

What to expect from the end

'Criminal Minds' Season 15

So this is it. It is the end of an era. The final season of Criminal Minds, one of the longest running shows in history, is coming to us shortly. Unfortunately, it is going to be a smaller season than all the true fans will hope for, as it is only going to be 10 episodes long.

With the end approaching, all we can really ask is that the give the show the ending it deserves. Some amazing 10 part continuation, or even having a guest appearance for the departed cast would work so well for us all. To have Hotch and Morgan come back to join the team again would be everything a longtime fan would want. To have the OG core back together for one final run or moment would just feel so right in every sense. But this is a fantasy, hopefully the directors will understand that we need this and actually have a reunion in the works already, so we will just have to wait and see.

What we really need answer is: what happens with Rossi and that father-daughter combo, who rattled Rossi to a point we have never seen before. In all 12 seasons that Rossi has been with us, other than when Strauss was killed, we have never seen him become unnerved or rattled by an unsub before. Even when his daughter was kidnapped, I mean he was a little worried and what not, but in that case, who would not be? But in this episode, there was no tie to the unsubs or the victims. He had a moment where the unsub overtook him yes, which would explain the emotional trauma, and I guess that the guilt that because of this the man got away also would take a toll on him. We need another episode with this set of unsubs so that we can tie this off in a bow and have the answers needed.

Another loose end we need tied up is what is going on between Reid and JJ. To recap, in season 14, JJ told Reid during a hostage situation where the unsub was playing a truth or dare scenario that she loves him. Now since season 1, it has been quite clear that Reid has always loved JJ; even though she is married, she holds a special place in his heart. Now JJ knows this, and they have always had a special connection, but strictly as friends. It is easy to see why Reid is confused about all of this now, the woman he has loved for so long just said that she loved him as well. It would mess with anyone’s head. At the end of season 14, they began talking about it, JJ trying to make sure Reid knew why she had to say that, but they were cut off, so it would be nice to see that slight issue resolved between the two, because we really do not want to see Reid get hurt.

The last thing I want is some amazing way to end it all. It needs to be something along the line of when they caught Ian Doyle, where it all ended it a big party with everyone happy together, a farewell party as it were. There needs to be something to give the cast a proper goodbye. It needs to be at least 2-3 thrilling episodes long where there is a terrible unsub who they are going after. Whatever they do, really it just needs to be one of the best episodes in the history of the show. It cannot be like other shows' season finales where it is just awful and they put no heart into it, this show deserves more.

Unfortunately, we, the fans of the show, do not get to decide this. We can only hope that our expectations of the final season will be met. All I could ask for is for them to make the season as thrilling as seasons 11 and 12. That would do the ending justice and be what we need from the show to close it off.

A fantastic ending that won't make us disappointed in the many rewatches of the series we go through.

Hannah Elliott
Hannah Elliott
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