Cosplay Conventions Should Be All About Fun and Games.

by Tyler Hall 4 months ago in cosplay

Leave the Drama at home.

Cosplay Conventions Should Be All About Fun and Games.
A random cosplayer doing what every convention attendee should be doing: having fun.

As a long time cosplayer, I have found it extremely aggravating when people want to cause trouble and drama at conventions. I have seen way too much of it and quite frankly, I am sick of it. My friends and I are in the agreement that these conventions should be our escape from reality.

Yet, rather than use these cons as a bastion to mingle with fans, meet celebrities, and purchase new items for props or games, some people would rather create problems for other patrons. I find it sad and pathetic that such drama queens would stoop to a level of petty disdain for other cosplayers and fans alike.

Seriously? You want to ruin someone else's fun because you want to stir up some trouble? Or, how about this: spreading rumors about someone when there is really no basis in said falsehoods!

For example, I knew of a guy who, back in 2014, was accused of being a creep simply for trying to talk to people. Did anyone ever once walk up to said person to get his side of the story? Nope. They never did. If these convention drama queens did some investigation, I am certain it would have interested them to know that poor guy in question had to watch his mother die that year. Also, since he knew nothing of the lingo or the customs, it would have been more helpful to have taught him the rules!

And yes, I was that person.

Here is another good example, I have a dear friend, whom I will call "Kay" (not her real name). She is disabled and we have fun with each other on the weekend.

Platonic I should add. In case anyone is asking as well.

Kay is a very sweet friendly lady. When I first met her, I was at my low point from my ordeal in 2014. Because of Kay, she was able to help me overcome the onslaught of rumors and hearsay about me. Something I am forever grateful for considering Kay convinced people to see the good in me.

Some jackass had the nerve to accuse my friend, Kay, of using her disability to obtain free stuff. I can tell you that never once did Kay ever do anything of that sort. I know this because I hang with them at cons and in public on the weekends. I find it sick that anyone would accuse Kay of such a heartbreaking thing as Kay is not that type of person. Yet, the rumors still are abound largely because people are hateful of Kay.

Is she not punished enough for being disabled!? Is she not punished enough with having a crummy home life!? Is she not punished enough with being a prisoner of her fate!? Looks like these idiots whom hate Kay for whatever sick reason have made it their mission to cause her more grief in her already tragic life.

Sadly, no, it seems that the rumor mill has it in for my friend, Kay.

So, I am just going to say this clear as day: if you do not like someone, do not pay them any mind! Should they talk to you or come your way, just be nice to them. Even if you do not like them, still be nice to them regardless! You never know what horrors such people have to face on a day to day basis! For all you may know is that one person you hate may have a personal tragedy regarding a death in the family or a disability which robs them of a normal life!

So to all Cosplay Convention goers, STOP with the hatred! It has no place at the Conventions. Leave that crap at home and enjoy yourselves. Also, should you see that one person you hate, please be nice to them. Sit down and talk to them. Work with them! You never know! You might end up liking that person! Yet, all it takes is courage to break out of your comfort zone!

In closing, I will say this again: leave the drama at home. Have fun at the conventions and enjoy the escape from reality!

Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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