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Top Thirteen Original Songs By Weird Al.

His best style parodies.

By Halden MilePublished about a year ago 4 min read
The Man Himself

Weird Al not only does parodies, he also does originals as well. If one were to scourer his entire repertoire of music, one would find an album's worth of originals. Listed below are some of his best originals.

1. I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead - Weird Al

The premise of this song is rather simple. Weird Al sings about how he refuses to settle until his death. It is quite certain that Weird Al plans to live his entire life like this. From the looks of things, that seems to be the case!

2. Midnight Star - Weird Al in 3-D

As a parody of supermarket tabloids, the Midnight Star pokes fun at magazines such as Weekly World News, The National Enquirer, The Sun, and countless others. Using such common stories such as aliens visiting Earth, psychics, junk food diets, and abnormal deformities, Weird Al could very much write his own parody tabloid! Now, one must wonder how exactly does someone deal with the ghost of Elvis living in their den? Inquiring minds want to know!

3. Dare To Be Stupid - Dare To Be Stupid

This entire song could best be described as Weird Al's life mission.

4. Good Enough for Now - Polka Party!

Who would have thought Weird Al could do Country Music? In this parody of Country Genre, Weird Al sings about how he enjoys being with in a current relationship. Even if the lady in question isn't perfect, he loves her for the time being.

5. Good Old Days - Even Worse

Good Old Days is a rather dark song by Weird Al. The entire song is about a gentleman who is nostalgic for all the antisocial behavior he once engaged in. Ranging from animal torture to arson, the narrator explains everything so calmly, its unreal. But then again, let the reader know this song was created for the purposes of humor and does not condone the actions of antisocial behavior.

6. When I Was Your Age - Off The Deep End

Growing old is inevitable. Before one knows it the energy of youth gives way to the cantankerous feelings of age. When I Was Your Age entails such a thing. However, the events expressed by this character are highly exaggerated for comedic purposes.

7. Waffle King - Alapalooza

The premise of Waffle King is quite an interesting one. The song is about a man who prefects the best waffle recipe imaginable. As a result, the character becomes highly conceited as a result of his new found fame.

8. Callin' In Sick - Bad Hair Day

We've all had those days where we just want to skip work. In this song by Weird Al, the narrator calls in sick as a means of not going to work. Considering the character in the song is fed up or bored, he spends his entire day engaging in a lot of activities. These include cleaning his lava lamp, watching movies, or more intense things like looking at the sun and not squinting.

9. Albuquerque - Running With Scissors

Albuquerque could be considered one of Weird Al's best songs, if not his absolute best. At a staggering twelve minutes, Albuquerque is about a random person's explicit adventures not only traveling to his dream destination, but also what happens during his stay. It is interesting to note that Weird Al did not turn this entire song into a film all its own! It's that good!

10. Hardware Store - Poodle Hat

For those whom are always going to the hardware store for whatever reason, this song is their anthem. Weird Al's song consists of a gentleman awaiting the opening of a new hardware store in his hometown. The stanza which contains just about every hardware store item imaginable was apparently done in one take. It is for this reason, Weird Al does not preform this song in live shows.

11. Close But No Cigar - Straight Outta Lynwood

Here we have a cat whom is quite a ladies Each stanza in the lyrics deals with this cat's girlfriends. However, the cat for one reason or another breaks up with these ladies for one reason or another. It is uncertain why this cat would consider ending a relationship over trivial things. However, it is safe to assume it is all done for humor.

12. Skipper Dan - Alpocalypse

A tragedy under the vise of a chipper song. Skipper Dan concerns the life of aspiring actor now working as a tour guide at Disney. Each word in the lyrics details how Skipper Dan hates his job and how his life turned out. Apparently Weird Al was inspired to create this song once he heard of a tour guide's failed acting career. This has lead to struggling actors to dislike the song. However, Disney tour guides have stated this one is a personal favorite of theirs.

13. Sports Song - Mandatory Fun

Sports games are a time of fun and music. In the style of marching bands, Weird Al captures the aesthetic quite accurately. In fact, this song is perhaps the basis of all school sports songs!

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