Comics' Hottest Characters

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In my humble opinion

Comics' Hottest Characters
and no.. she does not make an appearance on this list.. unfortunately


The fastest man alive, scarlet speedster, sometimes changes events… Barry Allen. He’s often portrayed as funny, nerdy, and having a lot of turmoil. At least in more modern renditions, especially Arrow-verse Barry. He’s traditionally seen with chiseled features and managing to save the day by the skin of his teeth. At least he’ll rarely be late for dates.


I’ve got a thing for women that could easily kill me… We all have seen ScarJo’s Black Widow, and she does it pretty well. Nat is strong, smart, resourceful, a little emotionally closed, but sexy in that, “I’m scared she’s gonna kick my ass” sort of way. Assassins often get a sexy reputation, them and spies, think about it.


Storm is a force to be reckoned with. I mean, the woman can control the weather. Queen of Wakanda, and coming from a long line of powerful priestesses, Storm just exudes sexiness. She doesn't take anybody’s shit, and everybody knows it. She holds herself pretty high, her costumes have pretty much left almost nothing to the imagination, and has a certain grace about her.


Wakanda Forever! As king, he obviously has a grace and poise about him that puts him in a slightly different tier than the others on this list. The character himself was created in the height of the Black Panther Movement, and is a symbol of black strength. On par with the collective of Wakanda, thanks to the country’s technological advancements, T’Challa is immensely smart, politically suave, and his face doesn’t hurt either. Any man married to another character on this list deserves the moniker of sexy.


Princess Diana of Themyscira, basically a demigod, is a strong, intelligent, caring woman. Her main motivation is generally truth and justice. I mean she has a lasso of truth. She can be cited as a feminist icon since her introduction in 1941. She didn't care much for status quo or societal expectations, really only wanting what was best for everyone.


Was there a way he wasn’t gonna be in here? Dick Grayson...what can I say? He’s kinda stoic (I mean, when you’re Batman’s former sidekick, how can you not be?), he's got the flowing dark locks, chiseled body and face, and is usually a brooding mystery man which is a big part of his attractiveness.


Not a superhero, but a hero in her own right. She is a smart, loyal, courageous woman who has stood the test of time and fulfills the redhead fantasy. She's pretty much been a bombshell forever, and has a "girl-next-door" appeal to her and doesn't usually flaunt the fact that she's obviously hot.


Everybody's favorite criminally insane psychopath—But she's one of the few comic characters with an actual doctorate. Harleen Quinzel is (obviously) smart, sexy (in an actual crazy way), but she's seen to be pretty thoughtful and caring; even under the Joker's abusive influence. There's a comic panel of her visiting Black Canary after she had given birth, gifting her with some baby gifts (though they had a lot to do with the affinities of Canary and Green Arrows powers and abilities). You can often see Harley during Halloween, she's so iconic that she's made her way outside of the comic (and hero movie) realm.


The apple of Stan Lee's eye (RIP), Peter Parker is a nerdy, quirky, bumbling cutie and has a memorable story and face. He's not everyone's cup of tea per se, but everyone can agree that he's been on the front of hero movies and comics for a hot minute. I may be a little biased since Spidey is my favorite hero, point blank period, but he's a hottie.


If you’re like me, you were introduced to Starfire in the Cartoon Network Teen Titans. But Korriand’r has been a sex symbol since her introduction in 1980. Of course, with new eras come new ideas of what’s sexy, but from her big 80s hair to her new sleek look, Starfire is quite the sexy alien princess. I think the appeal of an alien (which we don’t have currently to our knowledge) is that it’s an unknown, which makes her mysterious, which makes her all the more appealing.


Poison Ivy is arguably who most people will say is one of the hottest characters to come out of comics. She’s smart, she gives a damn about the environment (sure, she’s been described as an ecoterrorist but... y’know, she’s a villain), she’s got the redhead thing going on, and to top it all off, her character design is just drop dead gorgeous. Her 90s movie counterpart doesn’t even begin to do her justice, and I am personally actually thinking of getting a pinup of her tattooed on my body... like, the woman owns me.

Briana Jenkins
Briana Jenkins
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