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Challenges to Overcome in the Film Industry

Alexandra Vino gives her insight on the current challenges facing aspiring filmmakers.

By Alexandra VinoPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Challenges to Overcome in the Film Industry
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In terms of career fields that are difficult to make a name for oneself in, the film industry is one of the most challenging for aspiring professionals. Despite its exclusivity, many have gone on to build successful careers, but not without the presence of obstacles. There are challenges to overcome in any industry, but the film industry, in particular, presents unique barriers to aspiring professionals, especially as the career field continues to evolve.

Nowadays, one could argue that the film industry is more saturated than ever before. With the introduction of social media and alternative video platforms changing the scope of the industry and allowing growth for short films, aspiring filmmakers and others interested in the profession have their work cut out for them.

Challenge #1: Presenting Something New to a Tired Audience

Individuals are invested in receiving new content at a faster pace than ever before, jumping from one streaming service to another once a new show has been announced. In doing so, however, it creates a type of viewers’ fatigue, making individuals feel burnt out because of all the media that is being thrown their way. In the same way, people realize that Hollywood sometimes runs out of ideas. This is evident in the various re-makes that filmmakers have been pushing out. And while these strike up nostalgia and interest many audiences, the public’s response has also shown a desire for more originality. This presents filmmakers with the challenge of presenting something new to an audience that feels as if they’ve seen it all. How will you make your content stand out? What original ideas can you bring to the table? This challenging prospect can help you produce your most meaningful content yet.

Challenge #2: Production Quality

As an independent filmmaker or someone wishing to progress in the industry, the reality is that you will not have access to the same equipment, CGI effects, or crew that a billion-dollar set would typically have access to. Because of this, your film quality is not guaranteed to reach the same level of quality as a large studio would be able to produce. However, this challenge presents you with the opportunity to deliver the best possible quality that you can. Nowadays, even iPhones have impressive video capturing capabilities that are able to produce cinematic videos to be spread across social media platforms. Progressing in this industry looks like using the resources that you have to produce meaningful content. Even though your film might not be released at the box office, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to improve your craft with the tools you have.

Challenge #3: Film Festivals Have Present Unique Challenges

Aspiring filmmakers often dream of entering their work to be featured in film festivals, as this is a profitable marketing plan and a great method for connecting with other people in the industry. However, the competition for such promising festivals can be quite difficult. Despite the hard work you might have put into a film, the chances of getting your film featured in a festival are slim. Small film festivals might provide a better chance of having your film seen, but these audiences rarely surpass 30 attendees. Many film festivals also require a hefty submission fee, which can deplete your finances if you hadn’t budgeted for such a cost. While film festivals are a profitable stepping stone for many aspiring filmmakers, it is important to understand the strength of this competition and the upfront costs associated with submissions. This might impact your decision as to the frequency of your submissions and what type of festivals you choose to enter.


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Alexandra Vino

Alexandra Vino is a jack of all trades. She is a director, producer, screenwriter, actress, singer, and dancer. In addition to all of those titles, Alexandra is also a philanthropist and an artist. Visit her website to learn more about her.

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