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Black Otakus vs. The Black Community

by Angelica Regine 5 years ago in pop culture
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A Letter to the Black Community and its Discrimination Against Black Anime Fans

"You're Black, why do you watch anime?"  

"You're Black, why do you watch anime?" I don't know how many times I've heard that from my parents, my middle sibling, and amongst all people I despise, my ex. Sigh. Now in the Black community it's a right of passage in black males to watch all forms of the Dragon Ball franchise. Yet some grow up and tell you "oh anime is cartoon." Which after heavy meditation I can say without getting angry, "ANIME IS NOT A CARTOON, THEY DO NOT USE PROFANITY AND NUDITY IN CARTOONS!"

Okay, now let's get to freaking topic of the judgmental yet "Throw the rocks and hide your hand" criticism of anime. So many black otakus have explained how they'll be called childish for watching anime but those same judgmental people watch and LOVE HIP HOP which details the degrading and physical confrontation of African American people. You get it! They'd prefer seeing each other fight than watch something that's not only raw entertainment but teaches life lessons! It makes me roll my eyes and yell "UGH!" Now I'm not forcing anyone to watch it or persuading them but if you do want to watch definitely see Naruto and One Punch Man amongst the GOATS of anime. But enough of that, now that's just the young generation!

Now for these older black people who always say, "Anime is devil's work!" Really ?! Like really?! You live in a place where people literally have hate crimes against just about anything and you're saying the devil made that! The devil also made those drugs and violence that's in our community that you guys show but don't support. Yet black otakus are the main ones supporting the cause to change that. Hmmm right but I could go into more within the Harry Potter universe as well as LOTR universe as well where they felt the same by saying "it's witchcraft." Ugh, it's frustrating because they would prefer you to be a stereotype than have a different perspective on life as well on other cultures.

Now I've been an otaku (anime super fan) for probably majority of my natural life. It has been one of the most fundamental parts of my life. As a rising photographer, graphic designer, and digital illustrator, it helps me have ideas and add different cultures to my artwork. It has taught me so many life lessons as anime pertains to fantasy as well as real life situations. It's literally an amazing asset to the Black community! Famous African American actors and artists like the RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Lil Yachty, and Chris Brown are positively influenced by anime and Japan's wide spread culture through it! Also don't do it because you think being weird or likening anime is cool, that's like those who don't know that ANYTHING that someone does isn't just a trend no matter the color (YES THAT WAS SHADE).

It's especially an issue as a young Black woman in this day and age. As a young female Black otaku you get questions like, "How can you understand them?" and "Isn't anime for boys?" *Rolls Eyes* NO! It's not just for boys and there is a thing called English subtitles duh! They probably think we sit in our rooms all day getting fat and eating snacks. Nah, we have similar habits as any Black female, we just can like long weave and fye outfits too! I'm so pro Black it would hurt your ears to hear how much I go own about Black people especially women! I can say, "YASSSS SLAY HUNTYY!" In the same sentence as, "MADARA UCHIHA IS SUCH A BADA**!!!" And yes before you ask, there are Black anime characters. In shows like Afro Samurai and The Boondocks (Yes, The Boondocks is an anime)! Not to bad talk any any other culture but being an otaku, A BLACK OTAKU is the littiest! Don't get it twisted, we are still discriminated against by other people of color "HINT HINT" but we're strongest enough to not give a sh*t about them but we just want our own people to respect us!

I literally apply anime to my everyday life and it has literally has helped me find myself by mixing it with my Black culture and making it influential to the young Black otakus that are criticized every day because they don't want to be a stereotypical Black person like every bad b**** and hood n**** they see around them.

Be yourselves my Black otakus!! Make a difference and still do you sis or bro while you can!

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About the author

Angelica Regine

I'm weird, I have a chicken nugget addiction, I'm a freelance photographer, illustrator and graphic designer! All while being Pro Black ang standing up and screaming Hell Yeah for all things positive!!

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