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Best Manhwa to read in your free time

Do you have a lot of free time? Read these manhwas and you will have a lot of fun

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Every day a lot of people read manhwa and manga in their free time because there is a lot of fun in reading them and by the way even I am one of them So in this article I decided to share with you some manhwa or manga I read and I didn't see much people talk about it so now without wasting any time Let's start together

1- player who returned 10000 years later

One of the best and I can say it's number one on this list. The manhwa talks about Kang-woo who was in hell for 10,000 years because of a mistake in the dungeon system. In hell he controlled everything and he was the strongest and every monster kneel for him but Kang-woo didn't like his place or his kingdom So he always wanted to return to the Earth

After a lot of effort, kang-woo finally made it and returned to Earth. In the Earth and in dungeons time Kang-woo decided to be a Hunter and to start rising step by step to be the best hunter in Korea using all the powers he got from hell all these years but when he returns to the Earth some mistakes happened and he saw some monsters from the hell in the earth So what will happen with kang-woo? Read this manhwa to know more

2- The max-leveled hero will return

The hero of this story is named Prince Davey. He was in a coma for a long time and during this time, he found himself in another world. He arrived at a huge corridor where the souls of heroes were gathered, and he learned from all of them, from strength to medicine to wisdom and many other things. He stayed in this world for about a thousand years

After waking up from his coma, only a few years had passed in the real world. Therefore, Davey decides to become a real hero for the entire world. This required him to overcome many obstacles, enemies, and even some betrayals. If you want to know all of these things, start reading this manhua.

3- villain to kill

Another Great manhwa where there are two main power that control the world which are the psykers or the heroes in other words and The villains who possess their suburbs, and of course these powers are subject to a law that control everyone and ensure peace in this world

Cassian is the hero of this manhwa and he was a psyker until he get killed After being accused of killing his friend and when Cassian thought everything was over for him, he was reincarnation as a villain

After being resurrected as a villain, Cassian learns that this world isn't as he thought it was, and that many betrayals within its ranks caused the death of his friends. Therefore, Cassian starts from scratch as a villain with new strength to search for these truths to avenge his friend and spread justice and peace in this world.

4- Return of the frozen player

This manhwa is about Seo Jun-ho and his companions who wanted to restore peace to their world after the appearance of the tower and the monsters inside it. After 5 years, Seo Jun-ho and his friends managed to reach the last boss of this tower, Queen of Frost, but after defeating her, they all fell into a deep sleep.

After 25 years, Seo Jun-ho wakes up from his slumber only to be shocked that the Queen of Frost was the leader of the just first floor of the tower and that there is a second floor and many other floors, and that his friends are still frozen.

These facts didn't make Seo Jun give up but gave him a reason to return to the tower to end it with some new powers he acquired so he can bring his friends back to life and restore peace to his world. What awaits Seo Jun-ho on his journey? What is the truth about his new powers? Read this manhwa to find out more.

Here were the manhwas that I advise you to read and if you want more manhwas like that let me know in the comments, hope you find this article good.


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