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Best manga to read where the mc is over power

If you love reading manga and you want a manga where the mc is the strongest then this article is what you are searching for

By ghadermPublished 8 months ago 4 min read

If you have free time and you want to fill it or if you love reading manga and you want to read more but you don't know what deserves to be read then get ready because in this article I will share with you some good manga with a good story and not that known so without wasting any time Let's start with the first manga

1- the breaker

One of the best manga you can read ever which talks about Lee Siwoon who was getting bullied every day in school until a teacher arrived at his school to teach in it but Lee Siwoon noticed that his teacher isn't a normal teacher when he was saving Lee Siwoon from a lot of troubles

One day Lee Siwoon decided to throw himself from the school and the teacher noticed him so he runs to save Siwoon

when he successfully saved him. He was shocked by Siwoon when he asked him to teach him material arts and now you should read it to know more about what will happen with them because I don't want to spoil things for you

The manga is still ongoing and it's really good and you won't expect what will happen when you read it. Also, The art style is very good and there are a good number of frames in each chapter So you will be enjoying every single second while you are reading it

The artist decided to turn the third part of it to colored manhwa so if you love manhwa you will definitely like this series

2- My Gift lvl 9999 unlimited gacha

In a world that has nine genres like Elfs, monsters, demons, dragons, and a lot of other races, the humans were the weakest because they can't reach high levels but all the races lived together under the control of "races unity"

Light is a child who was in an adventurers team that contains one of each race but one day Light gets cheated on it by his friends and they through him in the Abyss where there are a lot of overpowered monsters that kill everyone in the Abyss. When Light was about to die something happened

What happened and what will happen with Light and how he will revenge on his friends and make the humans stronger read this manga to know more

The style here is also very good and there are a lot of colored pages so you'll be knowing how every character Will be if this manga gets an anime which is very good in my opinion

3- The eminence in shadow

One of the best manga you can ever read and I can say it is the best on this list and if you don't know this manga already has an anime so you can start with it

The manga talks about Minoru kagino who was living in Japan and like a lot of childrens he loved heroes and he wanted to become one of them but the difference is that Minoru didn't leave his dream When he grow up.

Minoru Kagino has his own Ideas about the hero so he didn't want to become a hero in front of everyone, instead, kagino wants to be as secondary character in front of everyone and a hero in the shadows

One day minoru dies and reborn in another world as "Cid Kagino" with a new power which is magic that makes him "Shadow" So can Shadow achieve his goal with his new power? if you want to know more Read this manga

This manga will show you the hero in another way that you didn't see him like before, so I highly recommend you to read it

Now to be honest with you there is a little difference between the manga and the anime because the anime has been quoted from the novel and the fights in the anime are bigger and longer so I highly recommend you to watch the anime before you go to the manga because you will be missing a lot of great moments


These are some of the most enjoyable manga I read and I shared it with you after my previous article about the best manhwa so if you love this type of articles and you want more like it just let me know in the comments below

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