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Best Celebrity Cameos on 'The Simpsons'

With one of the largest character ensembles in television history, there is no surprise that a few celebrities stopped by Springfield to be featured as themselves in 'The Simpsons'.

By Corey GittlemanPublished 7 years ago 6 min read

That's right! The Simpsons have one of the largest character lists in the history of television. Not only is the town of Springfield very well populated, but each person has an abundant amount of lines throughout the series and is not left strictly to the background scene. In fact, most characters have episodes dedicated to their role in the show, revolving around the Simpson family of course. Each person has their own backstory and characteristics that make them unique and a hilarious asset to the show. In the shows twenty-eight seasons, there have been many celebrity cameos that are actually voiced by the celebrity themselves. From bands to actors and actresses, these cameos will make you laugh no matter how long they are featured in the episode.


With actual songs from the band, we see Steven Tyler and the rest of the game premiere in season 3 episode 22 titled "Flaming Moe". When Moe's Tavern is at its worst, Moe begins running out of money to pay the beer distributors. Homer returns home to make himself a drink that will get him nice and drunk. He makes a concoction with liquor and cough syrup that lights on fire, but when bringing this drink to the tavern, Moe steals this recipe and changes its name from the Flaming Homer to the Flaming Moe. He takes all of the credit because it ends up turning the tavern's luck around. The drink becomes so popular that rock band Aerosmith is in the bar drinking Flaming Moes, only to get called up on stage and asked to perform by the owner.

Paul McCartney

When Lisa returns from her trip to Storytown Village in season 7 episode 5, she finds herself no longer able to eat Lamb. With her new views comes the episode title, "Lisa the Vegetarian", but not everyone is a fan of her new train of thought. She gets made fun of from Homer and her friends, but with some help from Paul McCartney and Apu, she sees that she can continue on making an effort to stick to being a vegetarian. Strangely enough, Apu brings Lisa onto the Kwik-E-Mart roof, and this is where she meets McCartney and his wife for their conversation about being vegetarians.

In episode 12 "Bart Gets Famous" from season 5, we see Bart becoming upset for only being famous for one line that he said. After becoming a crew member for the Krusty the Clown Show, Bart is called to have a one-line part in the show, but when he forgets his line he accidentally destroys the whole set. As the camera is on him and he becomes nervous, he simply utters the words "I didn't do it", and the rest was history. Bart becomes so famous for this one line that he is called to be on the Conan O'Brien show. He does not like only being known as a one trick pony, but Conan does not care about what else Bart has to say besides the words "I didn't do it".

James Woods

Widely known actor and voice of many animated characters James Woods makes his an appearance as himself in season 5 episode 13, "Homer and Apu". He applies for a newly vacant position at the Kwik-E-Mart after Apu loses his job for selling Homer some spoiled meat. Woods takes this job because in his next film he will be playing a convenience store clerk and would like some real life experience. After Apu fails to get his job back, he ends up saving James Woods from being shot by a robber. He is so appreciative of this action that he makes sure that Apu gets his job back.

Although this was a quick cameo in season 25 episode 9 titled "Steal This Episode", we see a very classic Seth Rogen persona. When learning about how to pirate movies after being kicked out of the theater, Homer gets a little out of hand and Marge cannot deal with it. She can no longer see her husband steal these movies, so she calls in the crime, which gets Homer in trouble with the FBI. Seth Rogen is referenced to as some of the people who need artists who create film because they depend on it. As Seth chuckles and cries, we see a very familiar version of himself in this episode.

Mel Gibson

Kicking off season 11, we are given "Beyond Blunderdome" featuring none other than Mel Gibson himself. When Homer and Marge go to a screening of one of his films, it seems that everyone loves the movie but Homer. He writes his response for this movies preview screening and before you know it, Mel Gibson lands a plane in front of the Simpson home. Gibson wants Homer to help him make the film better, giving Homer a bit too much power. When shooting an action packed ending to the film, it seems that absolutely no one like the film at all. This made Gibson furious, enough so that he ended up kicking Homer out of their moving limo in which they arrived to the screening. This is one of the longer celebrity cameos that comes out of The Simpsons, as the whole episode is based around Mel and Homer.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee seems to be off his rocker in episode 18 "I Am Furious (Yellow)" from season 13. After listening to a motivational speaker at school, Bart has a new passion to become a cartoonist. After ripping off local comic "Danger Dude", Stan Lee enters and says that his coming is garbage, but that he should continue trying. Stan Lee is all over the place, smashing children's collectible items and thinking that he is the real Incredible Hulk. Bar later bases his comic off of Homer's anger and titles it "Angry Dad".

In Betty White's appearance on the show, we see her being as sweet as can be in season 18 episode 16, "Homerazzi". As Homer strives to now be paparazzi photographer, he is taking as many photos of famous people that he can. When he is on the streets as one of the most valuable tabloid photographers, he begins complaining about the famous people he has met but will not talk to him. Next thing you know, Betty White walks up to him and begins asking all about his personal life and family, being one of the nicest celebrities to Homer.

Stephen Hawking

Lisa is looking make a change in Springfield after the town participates in a contest to see who can do the stupidest thing in season 10 episode 22, "They Saved Lisa's Brain". She writes to the paper and is invited to a secret meeting of people who would like to make a change in their ridiculous town because they "live in a town where the smartest people have no power and the stupidest run everything. After Mayor Quimby flees town, there is room for newly appointed power. As Lisa and her gang of some of the character with the highest IQs take power, things begin to become even worse than they were before due to laws being passed without consulting each other. At the end of the episode, Steven Hawking shows up to see how this utopia is going, but criticizes it and calls it fruitopia. You have probably never seen Hawking be funnier than in this Simpsons celebrity cameo.

At the Springfield Bi-Monthly Sci-Fi Convention in episode 9 of season 10 titled "Mayored to the Mob", Mark Hamill stops by. For some reason, he is trying to promote Sprint and causes a geek riot. This is where Homer steps in and helps both Hamill and Mayor Quimby get to safety, earning him the position of the mayors new bodyguard. Hamill seems to not really know too much about the Star Wars franchise in this episode, which is exactly what makes this celebrity cameo so hilarious. As he tells Homer to "use the forks" instead of the force, you will be laughing yourself to tears.


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