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Ashley Madison Netflix Review | Great choice for fans of Documentaries

So friends, in this series, you will be able to know how the Ashley Madison site became a super-duper hit and how many people lost their money and lives because of it.

By Ayush VermaPublished 25 days ago 3 min read
Ashley Madison Netflix Review

Having dating apps is a very common thing nowadays, but in 2000, it was not common at all. That is, for the first time, a dating app was launched, which became a super duper hit. However, how this dating app became the reason for the destruction of many people, you will only know after watching this series.

Yes, I am talking about the Ashley Madison web series, which has finally been released on Netflix with 6 episodes. Each episode has a run time of 52 to 57 minutes.

If possible, it would be better not to watch this series with your family because, in this series, you will see many scenes that you would not want to watch with your family members.

Ashley Madison Netflix Cast

  • Katie Bignell
  • Samuel Greco
  • Perry Mavrides
  • Adrian Wedgewood
  • Claire Brownell
  • Amit Jethani
  • Sam Rader
  • Joseph Cox
  • Bryce Evans
  • Michelle McGee
  • Darren Morgenstern
  • Robert Siciliano
  • Evan Back
  • André Catry
  • Joel Eriksson

All the cast and crew visit IMDb.

Ashley Madison Documentary Netflix

Friends, this entire series is a documentary. That is, Ashley Madison is a website which is a dating site. It shows how people join and how their lives are ruined in the end. All of these things have been shown in this series.

Ashley Madison was the most popular dating site of the 2000s era where mostly married people used to log in. Every person had the same problem: their married life was not going well, and they felt that having an extramarital affair would improve their marriage life and make things better.

See Ashley Madison, which is giving a lot of relief to the people in the beginning, i.e., all the people who are logging in there are getting their respective partners. But suddenly, one day, doomsday comes and it is heard that the Ashley Madison site has been completely hacked, and all the people who had uploaded their data there have been leaked.

Now, whoever hacked the Ashley Madison site has started blackmailing all the people who are part of the Ashley Madison site. Meanwhile, many people are losing their lives because of this website.

Many users of the site thought that they had uploaded many such pictures on the site that were completely obscene. Because of these obscene pictures, hackers started blackmailing them, and due to embarrassment, users are killing themselves.

So friends, in this series, you will be able to know how the Ashley Madison site became a super hit and how many people lost their money and lives because of it.

The story is presented in a documentary style, but as I mentioned, this series includes many scenes that you might not want to watch with your family.

If I were to give a rating to this series, I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5 because I liked its presentation to a great extent. An attempt has been made to show a true thing as it is.

You may have hardly ever heard of the Ashley Madison site, but this entire series shows you the truth behind it. So if you are thinking about whether to watch this series or not, then I would like to say that this series should be watched, especially by those who are documentary series lovers.

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