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Dil Dosti Dilemma Ending Explained: SOMETHING Fresh on Teenage

This web series shows the new generation, which is so badly lost in modernity that they do not believe in the words of elders and have forgotten to appreciate their values.

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Dil Dosti Dilemma Ending Explained

Guys, modern life has become such that the way of living has completely changed. Nowadays, the life of the young generation is so modern that they are not able to tolerate old-fashioned or old people. This is what "Dil Dosti Diema" represents. So how is Dil Dosti Diemma? What is the specialty hidden in this web series, and what are the shortcomings in it? If you want to know about all this, then stay tuned.

This web series shows the new generation, which is so badly lost in modernity that they do not believe in the words of elders and have forgotten to appreciate their values.


Here is the story of three girls who are part of a group called the Awesome Threesome. All three girls are very modern and have completely adopted Western culture, but this has caused them to look down on their own traditions. This has created problems, especially for Asmara.

They have become victims of Western culture in such a bad way. Because of this, Asmara was so worried about what her friends would think that she introduced her grandmother as 'a family friend' instead of saying she was her grandmother. She was scared her friends would make fun of her grandmother for being old-fashioned. Now, Asmara has to live with her grandmother for two months.

Asmara is really nervous about her friends finding out. She doesn't want them to laugh at her grandmother.

So, how Asmara stays away from Western culture, how she is forced to live a common life, and what happens next. To know more, you should watch this web series from beginning to end.


No doubt, the screenplay is good, but it is boring in the beginning. Initially, you feel a little difficulty in understanding the web series. You will wonder why you are watching this series because nothing makes any sense.

The three main characters are just roaming here and there, sometimes shopping, sometimes at a party, etc. When all this is being shown, there is a feeling of uneasiness about why you are wasting your data on this web series with no story.

Not only that, but in the second episode, when you start to understand the theme of the series, the show starts to seem good, and you start watching it wholeheartedly. Therefore, the screenplay can be considered fine.

It has to be said that the BGM of this series is good, which supported all the scenes very well and also worked to make the show effective. Here you will get to listen to one or two songs that are good to hear.

Coming to dialogues, some dialogues are good; they were fun to listen to, and to some extent, they also help in making the scenes effective.

The direction can be said to be fine, but I think that this web series could have definitely been shortened, and the first episode could have been made a little more effective so that we could have avoided the boredom we felt in it.

In terms of actors' performances, all the actors have given strong performances in the show without a doubt, and everyone has tried their best to portray their characters properly.


Overall, this web series aims to depict the challenges faced by the new generation, their struggle with Western culture and modernity, while also delivering a positive message. Therefore, this web series can definitely be worth watching, as it stands out from other teenage drama shows.

If you have watched the Dil Dosti Dilemma Web Series, please share your opinions with me, and don't forget to subscribe. I greatly appreciate your support.

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