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5 Best Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Take 'The Hills Have Eyes,' Wes Craven's spine-chilling journey inspired by the haunting inheritance of a 16th-century Scottish family. Date the sinful cave-dwelling relatives of Alexander Sonny Bean." no dark secrets revealed." -." The actions were at risk of more than a thousand lives.In this thriller, reality and cinematic horror mingle, leaving an indelible mark on history and reveling in audiences at every ugliness in.

By Morgan EverlyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

In the realm of horror where fact meets fiction, horror films are often inspired by the dark corners of real events. As we delve deeper into the spine-chilling world of cinema, it doesn’t come as a shock to discover that some horror stories are based in truth. Consider for a moment the violent beginnings of five horror films based on horrific true events.

Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: featuring the horrors of Ed Gein

IMDb Ratings:

  • Psycho: 8.5/10
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 7.5/10

The quiet town of Plainfield, Wisconsin, revealed the simple story of Ed Gein, earning him the nickname "The Butcher of Plainfield." Originally considered a quirk of the village, Ed’s farmhouse hid a nightmarish secret. As people began to disappear, suspicion grew. Upon investigation, the officials found a horrific collection of objects – four noses, masks made of human skin and severed heads. Alfred Hitchcock drew inspiration from the disturbing story of Ed "Psycho," which explored Norman Bates' traumatic relationship with his late mother. In "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," the creepy family also finds its roots in Ed's atrocities, perpetuating Plainfield's nightmarish legacy.

The Hills Have: Alexander Sawnee Bean cannibal family

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

Wes Craven's "The Hills Have Eyes" transports us to a creepy world where a Scottish family led by Alexander Sawney Bean lived in a cave during the 16th and 17th centuries. This family, filled with darkness, would beat, rob, and murder unsuspecting travelers, resulting in a horrifying legacy that took more than a thousand lives. The movie draws inspiration from this chilling family saga, presenting a suspenseful tale that mirrors Bean's real-life fears.

As the story unfolds in "The Hills Have Eyes," it delves into the nightmarish reality of Bean's clan. The film becomes a suspenseful journey through history, offering a peek into the terrors experienced by both the victims and the collective imagination of those exploring the darker side of human nature. With Craven's storytelling magic, the movie weaves together the threads of historical horror, creating an engaging experience that not only captures our attention but also leaves a lasting impression. Through the lens of horror, the film brings to life the shadows of a past that continues to send shivers down our spines.

Ritual: Father Gary Thomas and the fight against demonic forces

IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

Starring Anthony Hopkins, "The Rite" explores the violent experiences of real-life exorcist Father Gary Thomas. He was sent to Italy to strengthen his faith, and Father Thomas experienced demonic possession while apprenticing under Father Carmine. His encounter is dramatized in the film, with a sick woman, Lisa, exhibiting otherworldly behaviors such as raising iron fists. As a consultant for the film, Father Thomas acknowledged the accuracy of the ghost scenes. "The Ritual" makes viewers question the thin veil between spirit and demon.

The Silence of the Lamb: An explanation of a real crime nightmare

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

Inspired by the real-world horror of criminal propaganda, "Silence of the Lamb" weaves a chilling story. Clarice Starling was inspired by FBI agent Pat Kirby, the first female member of the Behavioral Sciences Division. Using the character of Hannibal Lecter from the infamous Ted Bundy, Thomas Harris created an intelligent and manipulative killer. Through the skin of his victims, man Buffalo Bill describes the horrific actions of Ed Gein. The combination of these characters make for true crime horror in this cinematic masterpiece.

The Shining: Stephen King's Terrible Stay at the Stanley Hotel

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Stephen King stayed at the Stanley Hotel, an isolated spot in Colorado that spawned the epic horror novel "The Shining." King confronted the child ghosts and found the dramatic side evoked the confused atmosphere of the story. While the film wasn't set at the Stanley Hotel, its haunting setting and reportedly dramatic activity add to the volatile quality of "The Shining." As we step into the haunted corridors of the Overlook Hotel, the thin veil between reality and the supernatural becomes increasingly impassable.

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