What the Heck Is Arms? And Why Could It Be the Next Super Smash Brothers?

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Arms looks to be one of the most bizarre entries that I've seen to the gaming universe in quite a while.

What the Heck Is Arms? And Why Could It Be the Next Super Smash Brothers?

I wouldn't be doing this article justice if I didn't start off by saying that ARMS looks to be one of the most bizarre entries that I've seen to the gaming universe in quite a while. During a recent live Switch event, #Nintendo showed off the incredibly unique two-player brawler set to arrive later this spring for the Nintendo Switch.

Arms is an intriguingly unique 3D fighting game that is also an original IP for Nintendo, and there's already a vibrant fan base anxiously awaiting the games launch even before Nintendo released two game trailers explaining some of the features and systems in the game. This game has great potential to become the next multiplayer brawler for Nintendo, much like the classic and fan-favorite Super Smash Bros.

That little comparison could seem a bit outlandish, but many of the redeeming characteristics that made #SuperSmashBros the smashing success that it is today:

  • lovable characters
  • unique abilities
  • replayability

If #Arms matches even half the success of Super Smash Bros then it's sure to be a great franchise for Nintendo moving forward with their latest console. So, let's take a look at what gives Arms the chance to join the list of greatest multiplayer brawlers.

What makes the characters so impressive?

The characters are one of the greatest aspects of Super Smash Bros and the same can be said for Arms. With a collection of unique characters that will likely garner their own respective fanbase, Nintendo has the makings of the next great addictive fighting game in Arms. We finally are getting a feel for what each of the currently 5 confirmed characters thanks to the recent Nintendo videos. But here's what you need to know about each.

Credit: Nintendo Entertainment

Spring Man - As the balanced fighter, Spring Man has a decent defensive schema as well as an evenly matched offensive fighting style. He has a special ability that allows him to launch a shockwave that repels the opposing player.

Credit: Nintendo Entertainment

Ribbon Girl - As one of the more illusive fighters of the bunch, Ribbon Girl can consistently jump in mid air to escape the oncoming brawlers. Part of her jump ability allows her to drop down quickly within reach of her opponent.

Credit: Nintendo Entertainment

Ninjara - The most illusive fighter in the collection is Ninjara, which also makes him one of the most difficult to master brawlers. Ninjara has a dash ability that allows him to disappear instantaneously and re-appear moments later. He can warp while guarding which is something no other fighter can do.

Credit: Nintendo Entertainment

Master Mummy - The seeming invincible fighter known as Master Mummy, he is a nonstop slow moving beast that just keeps coming in for more. He does not have an incredibly long reach as his real strength comes in the close combat. When he puts up his guard he restores health.

Credit: Nintendo Entertainment

Mechanica - Another heavyweight in the ranks of fighters in Arms, Mechanica is a large robot piloted by a small female pilot. Mechanica is a character that has a hovering ability that allows her to evade oncoming attacks and drop in unphased for a close range barrage.

We're hoping for an increasing roster, much like what we found with Super Smash Bros as you completed the main story. Even still with these 5 playable characters there is still more than enough game to go around. Yet, the characters are only the beginning.

Arms is all about you, the player!

The name of the game is Arms, so as you can imagine the ability to stretch the character's arms is a fairly important aspect of the game. Most fighting games focus on the uniqueness of each fighter, and Arms is no different as each character has their own style of movement like we discovered in the character trailer above. Yet the thing that makes Arms incredibly re-playable is the fact that you can switch out each character's fists however you please, Arms gives you, the player, full control over how the match is fought.

Credit: Nintendo Entertainment

Each character has a default pair of fists, but you can customize your fighter to match your fighting style. If you want to play as the lumbering Master Mummy but want to use fists that emphasize speed, then that's what you can do. If you want to play as the nimble ribbon girl but pack a walloping blow, then so be it. Arms is a revolution to the fighting genre, and lets you truly be the master of your own style.

At this point we know of several fist attachments, each with its own unique strength and weakness. The ability to customize your character's fists just adds to the fun and replayability of Arms. You can use a matching set of fists, or even mix and match from any of the available fists. With each set of fists called names such as Slapmander, Toaster, Boomerang and Revolver it's safe to imagine that Arms is going to be incredibly fun and a little bit weird, but that's what gives Arms a shot at being the next Smash Bros and drawing legions of gamers to the Nintendo Switch.

So once you put all this together, you've got the makings of a truly unique fighter that has a seemingly limitless level of potential moving forward. Arms is the 1-2 punch that Nintendo needs for the Switch.

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