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Top PS4 Hunting Games

Love to hunt, but hate animal cruelty? The top PS4 hunting games are a cruelty-free option with a lot less chance of injury.

By Rowan MarleyPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Ever since humanity first existed, hunting was a major sport among people. Thrillseekers love the idea of being able to stalk prey and "fight real beasts," after all.

However, our society has evolved since then. Many people now consider hunting to be a sport that's cruel to animals — especially since we often don't eat what we kill. Moreover, hunting has become rather expensive, and in many places, inconvenient.

If you want to experience the thrill of hunting but don't want to deal with the ugly sides of it, then the entries on this list of the top PS4 hunting games might be a good choice for your gaming arsenal.

This is one of those fascinating PS4 games that allows you to get up close to animals, uses realistic graphics, and actually involves real animal noises, too. Along with a pretty neat safari mode, hunters also get to enjoy a shooting gallery that they can practice on before they hunt big game.

Unlike other shooter games, Cabela's African Adventure doesn't require any specific PlayStation 4 accessories for players to actually enjoy the game. You get to hunt all the cyber lions and hippos you want — all without having to spend too much money. If you love the idea of hunting on the serengeti, then this is one of the top PS4 hunting games to check out this year.

Big Buck Hunter is one of the most popular arcade games in America. It's easy to see why, too. It's basically an upgraded, less goofy version of Duck Hunt. You point the gun and shoot the deer, and you score points. It's easy and is tons of fun when tipsy.

If you love the original arcade game, then you need to check out Big Buck Hunter Arcade. It's the home version of the arcade classic, and therefore ranks on our list of the top PS4 hunting games that have been published so far.

Admittedly, Far Cry Primal isn't really entirely a hunting game. It's an RPG that has you working to survive the land of Oros, outsmart other tribes, keep predators at bay, and hunt dinner all the same.

Unlike other games in the Far Cry series, this one takes you back to the Stone Age. This means that players get to hunt woolly mammoths, sabertooth tigers, and other now-extinct megafauna. If you ask us, that's pretty cool.

For people who love RPGs with a little bit of hunting to them, Far Cry Primal is one of the top PS4 hunting games currently available. For those who want straight-up hunting thrills, though, you might want to look for something else.

One of the other few hunting titles for the PlayStation 4 is just called Hunting Simulator. As the name suggests, it's a PS4 game that simulates hunting bucks, bears, and other wildlife out in the United States forests.

A lot of classic elements and a gritty feeling of being a man's man is what makes this one of the top PS4 hunting games out there. That being said, having the right accessories can really make this game feel insanely realistic — and therefore tons of fun.

We've already discussed many of the top PS4 hunting games that happen on land. (Actually, we discussed almost all the hunting games for the PS4 at this point.) However, we didn't really talk about the other side of hunting games — fishing games.

This neat little indie title allows you to enjoy the fun of fishing without the high priced boat rentals, the potential of having to gut a fish, or the smell of having to keep your catch in the boat. Graphics are surprisingly good, and it's gotten pretty great ratings.

This just goes to show you that indie games can play with the big boys, too.

Love watching Duck Dynasty on television? If you love the reality TV show, then you might want to check out the video game. This awesome PS4 hunting game isn't just hunting. It's pranking people, using duck calls, and going out with the Robertson family for hunting goodness.

If you love Duck Dynasty, then this is one of the top PS4 hunting games to buy this year.

Regularly considered to be one of the top PS4 hunting games solely focused on hunting deer, Deer Hunter Reloaded brings better graphics, more realistic shots, and a seriously beautiful background to gamers who want to hunt deer.

That being said, we do wish it had more big game options for hunters who want variety in their kills. Even so, it's plenty of fun for the whole family.

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