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The Hottest Gamer Girls on Twitch Streaming Now

by Iggy Paulsen 5 years ago in celebrities
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Geeks are sexy — and the hottest gamer girls on Twitch are proof.

Geeky gamer girls are always the stuff of legend. That's why so many movies show the "sexy nerd" trope, and why so many of us had crushes on Velma from Scooby-Doo when we were growing up.

It used to be that finding a sexy gamer was like seeing a unicorn: damned near impossible. These days, finding sexy gamers is pretty easy to do. All you really need in order to find a geek girl to swoon over is hit up Twitch streams and you'll find sexy geeks gaming it up.

The truth is that gamer girls are sexy in a way many porn stars, even the porn stars with the most spectacular boobs, simply aren't. There's something about geeky interests and personalities that make these ladies hot.

Feel like celebrating gamer girls today? Just want to see pretty ladies who are actually into your hobby? Check out this list of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch, and then follow them.


Toned, sporty, and somehow still capable of whooping ass on gaming platforms, it's easy to see why Pink_Sparkles is considered to be one of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch. When she's not killing it in League of Legends, she's streaming "real life" scenarios she goes through.

That being said, Izzy (that's her real name) has a bit of controversy when it comes to her ethics on the stream. Even so, we don't think her fans complain.

  • You can follow her Twitch @Pink_Sparkles.
  • You can follow her Twitter @Twich_Pink.


With her big brown eyes and sweet smile, it's easy to see why a lot of people have had a crush on a girl like DeerNadia at one point in their lives. She has that really gentle, down-to-Earth vibe people love to be around...

Until you see how much butt she kicks in games. Nadia is known for Twitch streaming games like Mortal Kombat, League of Legends, and even H1Z1. She's fun to watch, has cute dogs, and is seriously successful as a gamer. What's not to love?


With a name like STPeach, you'd expect her to be a softie — but prepare to be shocked. This beautiful blonde girl has a top-of-the-line PC and laptop gaming setups, and loves to play serious games alongside her two cats.

Much like many of the other hottest gamer girls on Twitch, she's a fan of combat games. Her favorite? None other than Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


Most people would never guess that a girl like TaraBabcock would be a gamer, simply because she has a classic "cheerleader" look to her. But, surprise, she's now one of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch because she looks great, loves League of Legends, and also has been gaming since Atari.

A seriously smart individual, TaraBabcock is the kind of person that most people fantasize about dating — even if they aren't into God of War.


If you were to check out Mhova in her apartment, you'd expect her to be one of the coolest human beings you'll ever meet—and she totally is. Along with being an incredibly hot gamer girl known for her love of Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, Mhova also does yoga, plays with her cat, and models casually.

That being said, she's one of the many Twitch streamers that has been swatted while on camera. The fact that she's still live streaming stuff is a testament to how forgiving she is, don't you think?

  • You can follow her Twitch @Mhova.
  • You can follow her Instagram @_mhova.


With her half-Romanian, half-Vietnamese heritage, Lilchiipmunk definitely has a more exotic look than many other Twitch streamers you'll see. The Canada-raised beauty is known for speaking multiple languages fluently, and for being one of the few streamers who tends to stick to a small handful of titles.

Like most gamers out there, her current favorite game is League of Legends. Watching her play it is fun, and it's really hard not to cheer her on.


Fancy hearing a nice British-Scotch accent? Then you'll probably fall head over heals for the beautiful and busty Djarii. Though her start happened to be with console games like GameBoy, she ended up switching to PC Gaming — and now is one of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch because of it.

Though most immediately notice her good looks, there's a lot more to Djari than just a pretty face. She's got a wicked sense of humor, is a talented makeup artist, and just has one of those personalities that's hard to hate.

  • You can follow her Twitch @Djarii.
  • You can follow her Twitter @Djari328.
  • You can follow her Instagram @Djari328.


If you're a fan of cosplayer girls, anime, and really sexy geek girls, then you'll quickly find yourself falling for DizzyKitten. Twenty-four-year-old Dizzy, as fans call her, is one of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch to occasionally play in full costume.

Her favorite games include Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone — so she's definitely a woman who has great video game taste.


Another avid cosplayer to make this list of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch is CinCinBear — who actually got her start in the anime community. That being said, she's not just an anime fan who occasionally games, she's the real deal.

With over 8 million views on her channel, it's easy to see why her looks have gotten as much attention as they have. Fans who love watching hot girls play Minecraft, Overwatch, and Counter Strike will find her channel to be epic. She makes being a gamer girl look gooood.


Kelsey, also known as KayPeaLol, is one of Twitch's most famous Canadian gamer girls — and we can see why. She's a beautiful, friendly brunette who loves to kick it on Twitch while she kills baddies on League of Legends.

Those blue eyes may look sweet, but when she's in gaming mode, she's a total beast. She's also on YouTube, so if you love watching her, there's plenty of content to choose from.


No, we didn't make a mixup — the photo above really is of one of the hottest gamer girls on Twitch. She looks like a model, but believe it or not, she's really, truly into gaming. She's ChloeLock, and she's considered to be the crowned queen of Twitch girl by many.

To be fair, the 20-year-old beauty actually is a model as her job. But, even though she's a model who attends college, she still finds time to game. Now that's impressive!


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