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The Best New World Tank Build

by Claus Oliver about a year ago in rpg
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In New World, we can use sword and shield to build a powerful tank.

The first thing we do after entering an RPG game is to create a character, so after we enter "New World" it is no exception. In many classes, you may choose to build a tank, so using a sword and shield for weapons is the best choice. In New World, the sword is the only weapon that can be used with shields.

Although the sword is quite weak compared to other heavy weapons in New World, when it is used with a shield, it can build a highly defensive tank for PVP and PVE. The build is made up of each defender and also swordmaster potentials, and although the sword gives stamina attributes, it's greatest to size up in each dexterity and nature to withstand damage.

These tank builds are utilized to defend and also alleviate damage so another politician can work damage, so they're finest coupled with DPS builds as well as a life personnel recovery development. Make note of the potentials that decrease opponents, as the tank especially masters crowd control, as well as AoE damage, can be made use of to increase your efficiency. Thus listed here are the best New World tank builds using a sword and defense for both PvE and also PvP.

Build The Best PVP Tank In New World

The greatest PvP tank build is a sword and shield, and also a fantastic axe. The PvP tank playstyle is somewhat more offensive than PvE, as well as mostly relies on crowd management as you safeguard huge groups of foes while your politician cure and strike at range. Rather than merely taking a battering from creatures, the tank build works to hold off adversaries in the course of battle.

For this build, you intend to pay attention to building nature, strength, as well as mastery. Seek armour that enhances toughness as well as nature-- our team recommends channel armour, as hefty armour can impede your movement a lot. This build aims to damage huge groups of enemies therefore your allies may finish them off.

Recommended skills:

  • Defiant Stance: reduce the incoming base damage from attackers for eight seconds
  • Shield Bash: deals 50% weapon damage and stuns enemies in front of you for two seconds
  • Whirling Blade: deal 145% weapon damage to all enemies within two meters

Recommendations for the great axe tree are:

  • Reap: extend your axe by five meters to pull enemies towards you and deal 110% weapon damage
  • Charge: Charge 10m to a target and deal 120% weapon damage
  • Execute: an overhead attack that deals 200% weapon damage, and 300% weapon damage to enemies under 50% health

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Build The Best PVE Tank In New World

The greatest PvE tank build is the sword and shield, and a war hammer used to keep sneaking monsters' interest while your allies take all of them down. It's the best tank install the activity, mainly as a result of its simpleness, nevertheless, our team performs highly recommend little different defensive knowledge abilities.

For this build, you must concentrate on building mastery, strength, and constitution-- use intrigue armour for bonus offer benefits, however, heavy armour is your best option here to negate damages. The New World gems, Cut Pristine Onyx or Cut Pristine Diamond additionally provide bodily damage absorption.

Recommendations for the swordmaster and defender tree are:

  • Defiant Stance: reduce the incoming base damage from attackers for eight seconds
  • Shield Bash: deals 50% weapon damage and stuns enemies in front of you for two seconds
  • Reverse Stab: a stabbing attack that deals 175% weapon damage

The abilities recommend for the war hammer tree are:

  • Path of Destiny: a ground attack that deals 110% weapon damage to enemies in front of you
  • Shockwave: slam down the war hammer to deal 80% AoE damage in a three-meter radius, applying stun for two seconds
  • Armour Breaker: a powerful swing that penetrates enemy armour by 35% and deals 140% weapon damage

A powerful tank can allow us to survive longer in the game, so we must build it seriously.


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