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Skyrim Assassin Build 1


By Big DreamsPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
As per usual, the assassins usually fail

I am beginning this Skyrim Assassin playthrough with an Imperial female I've named Jasmine.

This will be a relatively short game, compared to the ones I usually play. My main goal is to complete the Civil War Questline on Legendary with daggers only.

This will take several weeks, as I do not have a lot of game time lately. But I will play and post in this blog at least once a week.

I am playing on an X Box 360, with no mods. My preferred way to play. I like consistency in my games, and when I play with mods, it changes things to much, and things become unpredictable. That makes it difficult for me to strategize.

The reason I chose daggers is because I almost never use them, and I want a bit of a challenge. I also chose the Civil War to finish because I wanted a relatively short playthrough with just one quest, and I play this quest the least.

Basically, I wanted something "new" with the game.

My strategy is to lean heavily on Illusion spells and poisons. Especially Paralysis, because it is really fun for me. And effective.

I won't spend much time building up a decent set of armor, I will basically go with what I can find. I will heavily level up sneak and depend on that quite a bit.

I started my new game yesterday and played a bit tonight. So far, I've just done the basics, gaining a follower, this time Faendal, and setting up a free room at the Bannered mare.

I've been collecting any and all ingredients I find along the way. I'm going to rely on making potions for income. I usually rely on either potions or theft, but I'm not even going to join the Thieve's Guild in this play through. I'm not saying I won't steal anything; I will steal anything useful. Just not for selling.

I am the type who loots everyone and everything and gather any ingredients I find. I just gathered as much salmon roe I could manage to kill so I can make some expensive potions to sell to Lucan at Riverwood. He has an alchemy ring I want to buy, although now that I think about it, I might try to steal it first even though I probably won't succeed at this level. You never know.

The recipe I'm going to make takes salmon roe, garlic and Nordic Barnacle. I left off the game at Dragonsreach so I can collect the barnacles that are in the water the next time I play.

I collected eight salmon roe, and there are eight barnacles at Dragonsreach, so that determines how many potions I'll make. I have 1100 gold, and I need about twice that much for the ring. I'm pretty sure these potions will cover the cost.

My dilemma is not knowing if Lucan will still have the ring when I get back to Riverwood after making the potions.

I'm afraid to do any waiting or sleeping, because that can reboot his inventory, and the ring could be gone. So, I'm going to have to figure out a way to kill time in the dark.

I'm not sure what I'll do, maybe I will practice leveling up sneak by pickpocketing and pickpocketing all of the guards around Whiterun. That's a bit tedious, especially because I don't have quicksave on the X Box game.

I will leave off here, and post again in a week or so. I still need to find something to wear, because I sold all of my clothing and armor for some quick cash for the ring. And it's starting to get cold out there.


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