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Scariest Video Game Enemies

One thing that makes a video game great is having to conquer your enemies, and the bigger and harder they are to defeat, the scarier they seem. These are a few of the scariest video game enemies.

By Corey GittlemanPublished 7 years ago 6 min read

Video games created with storylines, unfortunately, come to an end point once completing the game, but what is it that makes these games so difficult and entertaining? Beating the evil enemies, or "bosses" if you will create disruption in your path to beating the game. As games go on, your enemies get larger, stronger, and scarier. Whether they are giant monsters, disease-ridden creatures, or some disgusting mutant that was once a person just like us, you do not want to cross their paths. Well too bad because these games are designed for you to come across these enemies at any given time. Let's take a look at the scariest video game enemies.

Leshen from The Witcher 3

The Leshen is an evil creature in found in The Witcher 3 that wonders throughout the Ancient Forests of Velen. This creature is easily one of the scariest video game enemies. It hunts whoever dares to enter these dense wood due to its territorial characteristic. The Leshen uses magic to control the animals and plant life in the forest around it. With this ability, it becomes quite difficult to even get close enough to the Leshen to strike. If you are looking for a way to slay this scary enemy, some of its weaknesses are Relic oil and Dimeritium Bombs. While their movement might be slow, their strikes are very powerful with a large range, so watch out for this enemy next time you go wandering off into the woods in TheWitcher 3.

Bloodlicker from Bloodborne

This extremely agile creature from Bloodborne has the ability to attack you from any angle. Roaming around the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle and the Chalice Dungeons, the Bloodlicker resembles a large flea, but also features a long tongue and stomach pouches. This stomach pouch varies in size and is visually filled with blood. The bigger the pouch, the larger the explosion of their blood filled stomach once killing these creepy crawly monsters. Although they are small, do not mistake their size for the level of damage one can receive from these enemies. The Bloodlicker is one of the scariest video game enemies.

The Lost Sinner from Dark Souls 2

A prisoner of the game, The Lost Sinner punished herself for the sins that she has done in the past. As one of the biggest sins in the game, she attempted to relight the First Flame. With an iron mask over her face, it is hard to even tell the gender of this Dark Souls 2 boss. One of the most disturbing moments shown in the game is when some form of mutant insect enters the eye hole of her mask as she cringes up and down on the floor of her cell. With the amount of self-punishment, she is one mentally unstable character. Her attitude makes her on the of the scariest video game enemies.

Leaper from Dead Space

With a jaw that seems to be never ending, these necromorphs known as Leapers from Dead Space are a force to be reckoned with. Their legs are fused together into one long scorpion-like tail. This tail gives them the ability to leap long distances to bite off your with their long snakelike fangs. They also use this tail to whip and stab your character. As you can tell from the image above, this s*** is scary! You do not want to mess with these creatures, as visually their creepiness makes them one of the scariest video game enemies that you do not want to come across.

Iron Maiden (Regenerators) from Resident Evil 4

Game Play Image by All Platform Gaming

Any Resident Evil fan knows that everything bad that happens is most likely due to the Umbrella Corporation. As one of their scientists, Dr. Luis Sera, experimented with mutation, he ended up creating a leech-like creature that formed around the human body. These creatures from Resident Evil 4 would turn humans into monsters like Iron Maiden. These monsters with mouths up their faces and spikes coming out of their bodies were considered Regenerators if they contained the ability to grow these spikes to a larger size. Lucky for us, these scary enemies were killed in 2004 when the island where their lab presided was destroyed.

Licker β from Resident Evil 5

Once again, Umbrella is messing everything up and making your life (and the game) much more difficult. The Licker β featured in Resident Evil 5 is the beta version of the original Licker, which the data for was left behind by an umbrella and recreated by Tricell Inc. These human-based creatures are blind, as they only have a gaping mouth and a brain on their heads. Their sensitivity of their hearing is increased so they can find where you are and stick their power tongues straight through your body. It is difficult to kill these creatures because their weak spot is their exposed heart but they crawl on all fours. Aim for the brain when facing these video game enemies.

Clickers from The Last of Us

Clickers, despite their vicious looks, were at one point humans. These humans have gone through the third stage of infection types in the game The Last of Us. As you can tell, these creatures do not have any eyes and are completely blind. They use echolocation, very similar to how bats move, to make their way around the game by making a clicking sound, hence where they got their name of Clickers. The reasoning to their image is due to their exposure to this fungal infection, morphing their eyes, mouths, and bodies, making Clickers visually one of the scariest video game enemies.

The Keeper from The Evil Within

Image from Steam Trading Cards Wiki - The Evil Within

This absolutely massive enemy weighs in at 750 pounds and is almost eight feet tall. The Keeper makes appearances as the enemy in The Evil Within, but has an option to be played in first-person player mode in the gameThe Executioner. Based off of a safe full of research, this character's head is an old safe wrapped in barbed wire to keep out those who are attempting to look into his creators past. As he swings his hammer-shaped meat tenderizer, this deadly enemy has two instant kill moves that will leave your character bloody on the floor.

Killer Croc from Batman: Arkham Asylum

Image from Comic Vine at Game Spot

Once a man born with a rare skin disease, this enemy of Batman has only gotten bigger and scarier as his disease worsened. As he lived his life of abuse, he decided that he would accept his fate as the monster that people viewed him as. At 11 feet tall, worked at under the name Killer Croc as a carnival attraction. He took this name to heart which is what pushed him to this life of crime that he lives. In Batman: Arkham Asylum, he was one of the prisoners in the asylum at the time that Batman was walking through, threatening Batman that he would be hunted down very soon. It looks like you will have to play the game to find out what one of the scariest video game enemies had in store for Batman.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

Image from Giant Bomb

This mysterious creature from Silent Hill 2 is known to be an extremely creepy video game enemy. With the ability to disappear and reappear at any time that it pleases, Pyramid Head will slash you down with his giant blade called the "Great Knife". If its blood-stained smock does not scare you enough, the grunting and moaning that comes out of that head of his will. As it kills with no mercy, it does not matter if you are the main character of the game or another monster featured throughout the game, what matters is that you will die if you do not kill it first. With very little knowledge to who they are or why their heads are a giant pyramid, this is by far one of the scariest video game enemies of all time.


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