Rage Quit: Gaming Rants & Reviews

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Rage Quit: Gaming Rants & Reviews

RPG with a cyborg twist? Yes please. Warframe begins with a nice cinematic background story to catch you up to what's going on as you get to the character selection screen. There is an amazing fight scene showing how fierce the warframes were before you get to pick up where they left off.

You get to catch a glimpse of the different warframes and their fight styles before choosing yours to continue on the story. Your skills will determine your fight style and how your character reacts to foes. Each warframe comes with a different set of skills. You get a chance to preview the skills and how they work so you know exactly what to expect from your warframe. Scroll over each one to see the which warframe has the moves that fit you the best.

After choosing your warframe you will start out right in battle. Quickly making sure the skills you just went over is being put to good use. It'll teach you how to operate your warframe and allow you to choose your melee weapon shortly after. This will be used for handling enemies at close range.

The controls are fairly simple. You walk around with your W,S,A,D keys and melee attack with E. Your mouse is your direction pointer. I really like the jump option on this game. You jump with X but can double jump by hitting it again while in the air. You can also crouch and slide under objects. The controls make the game a lot more interactive than I originally thought it would be. You'll get the chance to pick a secondary weapon as well.

The longer I played the more lag it gave me unfortunately. I have a really good connection and can run other games just fine, except this one gave me a good bit of trouble. I might need to play around with my settings a bit more and see if there's a way to fix that. If not, I don't see myself playing for very long. I feel like playing it on a console would be a lot easier. The way the controls are set up seems as if they would be better suited for an actual controller rather than my keyboard. I did manage to get used to most of the controls either way. It's not a free roam game so even with a little lag it's pretty easy to navigate to where you need to go. You'll have a marker to give you an idea of the direction you need to go in as well as a small map in the corner of your screen.

Faces of important characters will show up with dialog on the side as you play through the campaign. By time you finish the prolog, you'll be equipped with a melee, primary, and secondary weapon. You should have a decent understanding of how to maneuver your character and be able to use your first skill. Now you get to fight your way to your ship.

I really cannot stand this game on pc. Again, I'm hoping it's just because my computer sucks because this game has some great potential. I'm tempted to uninstall it on my pc and put it on the playstation. (I had to ask Google if it was available. Had I done this to begin with I might have not been so frustrated with the game.) I have to defend this ship for a handful of minutes and If I fall off this platform one more time I'm rating me and this game 1 star. 😤 Trying to use my keyboard for all these intricate jumps and attacks is about to drive me insane.

Finally managed to fend off enemies to save the ship. What comes next actually did make me uninstall it from the pc and download it on the PS4. The scenes were already beautiful. The game graphics are solid for me to be dealing with so much lag.

I was a bit offset by the fact there didn't seem to be much customization at the beginning. You have three Warframes to choose from and no kind of customization ability other than choosing your weapons. Once making it through the prolog, I learned you can customize damn near everything! There are warframe skins to collect that change your whole look or you can just play around with different color combinations to give your warframe its own unique look. The same can be done for all of your weapons and accessories. I've learned. Never judge a game on its prolog.

After I got it downloaded to the playstation (which felt like it took all night but worth it) I have to admit this might be one of my most favorite games. I thought it had a Destiny feel to it at first when really this is blows Destiny away completely.

I've got to rate this game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. It's not as free roam as I'm used to and I almost gave up on it while trying to play on pc. I am still getting my nerves back right after the attempt to save the ship and not knock myself off the edge. However, Warframe has proved to be an amazing game on console. This may be the next game I decide to stream on Twitch. Completely recommend.

Nikki Avail
Nikki Avail
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