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By umer aliPublished about a year ago 4 min read
prime gaming roblox
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A blank blog post... Well, now is a good time for a reality check. It's nearly 4 AM, I have a date this afternoon, but I am up until now writing about my roblox history for all of you to enjoy.

The History of RoBlox

So if you don't know what roblox is, do a quick search on google. According to google: roblox is a computer game where you can build things. That doesn't sound so interesting... Well, check it out yourself! In 2000, you could play roblox. The site's terms of service (as archived in 2006) provided a copy of the actual license agreement for anyone to look at.

In 2004, roblox started up with millions of active users. From then on, their entire history becomes a narrative of problems. It's a compelling narrative but one without an ending.

The roblox website went down in 2004, only to return again in 2006. The new roblox couldn't handle the traffic. They suffered a full outage in early 2007, and have been trying to increase their traffic ever since. In 2009, their website crashed on and lost half its traffic. The site went down again in 2010. In 2011, they had another major crash.

While most of the site's infrastructure was being revamped in 2012, roblox hit record traffic of almost 200 million page views in a single month. That's insane. Roblox crashed again in 2013. Then in 2014, another serious crash. The same thing happened in 2015, and in 2016, the roblox infrastructure completely shut down and roblox lost almost half of its traffic. That's roblox's entire history.

Go to in 2016. The site won't even load. When it does load, a blank page shows. Most people won't know roblox has gone down. They have no knowledge of what the actual history is. There's no roblox history anymore because the history was not recorded.

Of course, roblox doesn't care that you're totally unaware of their history. They have millions of active users who can't do anything but play the games and watch videos. They are satisfied. They love it. They have no nostalgia for a roblox of 10 years ago. That roblox no longer exists. All that roblox cares about is that they are happy.

They are happy because they love roblox.

Bottom Line: Never Forget the History of Anything

Everything has a history. A lot of the history of roblox is boring, old, and doesn't have anything to do with today. That roblox didn't exist, and roblox is a very different company today. But there is a history behind roblox. That history of roblox will help you remember roblox. That history is RIGGED THO

The History of Roblox vs Roblox

If history was easy, you'd just pull up the roblox website, or, and watch the epic history unfold. But you can't just do that because roblox is nowhere to be found on

All the history is hidden behind a hidden website on It's called

Anyone can view, and find a lot of information about the site's history, but I couldn't figure out how to find in a search engine. That's like taking history and hiding it away to be found later.

In 2009, and shared a common history. After another major crash, finally announced that was shut down. There was a link to the old page on It's gone. What happened to

I put in the folder, and when I do a search, only the homepage is shown. When you visit, you will only see and If history was easy, you'd just go to, read the history, and enjoy it.


But history is far from simple. You might be wondering how this all ties together. It all comes down to history being saved on a few roblox servers with the domain If you go to the domain (which is the same as, you'll see it's completely blank. The history of roblox is sitting there, frozen in time, but is dead.


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