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Pokémon Sun and Moon Should Have Left Out the Original Non-Alola Form Pokémon

by Dustin Murphy 5 years ago in nintendo
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For years, it's also been a partial disgruntlement of Pokémon fans, and eventually it'll become a resonating roar as the unrest begins.

Pokémon has been a franchise that has recycled, rehashed, and continued to make the originals such as Rattatata, Spearow, Kakuna, and the original host of Pokémon creatures readily available as players explore. It's also a series that should debut on the Nintendo NX next year, much as Gale of Darkness did on Nintendo GameCube. This would work quite well as new games keep getting introduced to the franchise.

These games that offered up new stories, new scenery, and entirely new locales for players to enjoy. Over the years, we've become used to catching them, bringing them over to our new games, and continually resisting the need to waste Pokéball's in order to catch them.

For years, it's also been a partial disgruntlement of fans, and eventually it'll become a resonating roar as the unrest begins. While the sentiment of the reusing of Pokémon remains a viable portion of the franchise, it's time for us to let go, and move on from some of the older creatures.

If they did, it would open up the opportunity for each game to press out entirely new creatures, ones that are specific to the locale they are in. While Alola forms for Pokémon such as Pikachu, Rattatata, and many others remains interesting, it's not quite what the game needs even though it's unique. It's time to shape things up. What if we actually saw characters dressing up as their favorite creatures in-game so that we can find special Alola forms?

Pokémon Sun and Moon should remove the original non-Alola forms to original Pokémon.

When looking at the Alola forms, we do get to see a unique take on original Pokémon and even new abilities they obtain. Alola Pikachu can use his tail to surf allowing players to jump into the water with him or her. The unique thing about the Alola form does make these creatures dark by nature and offers new variations of them allowing for new attack types. It also takes away the possibility for the creators to bring in an entirely new cast, ones exclusive just to Sun and Moon.

Drampa from Sun and Moon. Falkor from Neverending Story as a Pokémon?

While we do get to see new ones such as Drampa (whom quite easily resembles Falkor from Neverending Story) that offer up entirely new appearances, it still brings in the fact that the International Pokémon need to remain in just that place, not the entirety of the game. Something that seemed all-to-common in my adventures with Pokémon Y for the past couple of years. If there's any Pokémon title that shows how to do an entirely new Pokédex, it's the now-defunct Pokémon Uranium that fans are keeping alive.

Alola forms for all the originals would have been better.

While I do prefer the logical ideology of removing the others from the game due to the Poké Bank app, I do feel that Alola forms and removing non-Alola forms would have been even better all together. Alola Snorlax, a dark Pokémon that sleeps all the time in the water? That'd have been fun to see as it would allow him to use abilities such as Dark Crunch and even Surf. Perhaps even abilities such as shadow ball.

Courtesy of LoganCure on Deviant Art

While there are quite a few that we know of that have newer abilities, Pokémon Sun and Moon will offer up entirely new experiences, and could quite easily open up the door for new ones in game updates and or through mystery gift. Could you imagine an Alola Suicune or Entei? Sure they are legendary, but they would offer up entirely new approaches to team building. For the time being, it seems we'll have to adjust to what the Pokémon Company has in store for us. Even if we don't see unique Nuclear type's from Pokémon Uranium due to licensing issues.


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