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Here's What You Need to Know About Fury from 'Darksiders 3'

by Dustin Murphy 5 years ago in action adventure
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In the series 'Darksiders,' many gamers have come to enjoy a story spun around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In the series #Darksiders many of gamers have come to enjoy a story spun around the biblical nephilim known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the franchise we've gotten to see the game follow the story of how the end times happened and how it all did not go according to plan. War, the rider of the Red Horse answered the call to his seal being broken. Doing so, he fell to Earth where humanity would see the war between Heaven and Hell ensue due to the Horsemens mistake.

As the series went on, we get to see the Charred Council imprison War. In turn Death, voiced by Michael Westcott (Westworld, The Crow) followed suit to prove his brothers innocence. As his work moves to prove his innocence, Death seeks to prove his brothers innocence as he wages war against those who dare get in his way. Pushing against all odds, Death attempted to bring forth a sacrifice to save a single race, and in doing so, sets forth the final moments of one races beginning as well as the end for another.

Courtesy: THQ Nordic

Darksiders 3 Could Put Humanity to Extinction - Again

In Darksiders II, we've learned that Lillith (the daughter of Lucifer) has become enraged that humanity has been restored and the Nephilim having been lost forever, has been scorned by a shadowed form she dubs "My Prince". As it does, it's now easy to assume what has happened is that she has been scorned in order to unleash the Seven Deadly Sins. Doing so allows the Charred Council to unleash the rider of the Black Horse known as Fury. Since little is known about her, it's easy to assume she is brash, unlike her brothers, and it is easy to note from the games trailer that Fury cares deeply for her brothers, and will do anything to keep them safe.

In the trailer it was given evidence that she's been stuck in a place known as "The Abomination Vault", where she remained calmer, more clearer in personality than she would be in the open. In the trailer we get a glimpse that she is eager to serve the council and with her freedom, she will set forth with her whip in hand, and her black horse in order to fell those who get in her way. However, it is seemingly shown that she doesn't trust the Charred Council as much as War does and will do what she must in order to complete her job.

She's Different from the Rest of the Horsemen

Courtesy: THQ Nordic

Unlike War and Death, Fury is described as the most unpredictable of the four. Let alone is she unpredictable, Fury is described as well as the most enigmatic out of them all. What we don't see in the trailer? Is that Fury loves her brother War. What we see is a woman who scorns him for what he has done and the unprecedented costs it has had upon them as well as the world around them.

As one of four remaining Nephilim and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, she's also said to be an extremely powerful entity. However, unlike the other riders, she isn't a warrior. Instead she is more of a mage, one that uses a combination of both magic and her Whip in order to destroy those that get in her way. Because of this her arsenal is quite different from the ones we've already seen. Her weapons include her whip, a set of claw weapons, and her powerful spells.

As the first female lead for the franchise, Fury seems to bring promise with her that this latest entry will be quite different from the others. While the game will offer new mechanics, it has a chance to offer up a more unique story, and one that could vary from the RPG like mechanics of Darksiders II. For now, we'll have to pick apart the trailer and previous games in order to give us a unique story as well as a unique experience.

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