My Top 100 Favorite Games of All Time: #100 - 76

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My Top 100 Favorite Games of All Time: #100 - 76

I used to write for a website called While there, I published a list of my 35 favorite games of all time. Since then, that website has shut down. Because of that, I thought about republishing my list here. However, that list was two years ago, and my opinions have changed since then. I also wanted to go big for the holidays. So, I went back over my list and expanded it to 100. That may seem like a lot, but I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600 era. I've played thousands of games over the past four decades. A hundred is a drop in the bucket for me.

Now, I do have some stipulations for my list. Like with my favorite movies lists, I'm not basing my choices on MetaCritic scores, sales numbers, or award nominations. These are games that I've just enjoyed playing the most and would gladly load up again. Second, like with all my lists, I'm only counting one game per franchise. Third, the platform I list for each game is the one where I have the most experience with the game. If I list every platform that some of these games have been on over the years, we'll be here all day. Finally, this is a list too big for one article. This is part one of four. Time to press "Start"!

#100 - 'Medal of Honor: Underground' - Playstation

While people may consider the third console game Frontline or the PC-exclusive Allied Assault to be the best Medal of Honor game, I've enjoyed the second the most. Joining the mission to liberate France from Nazi control resulted in some of the most tense levels I've played in a shooter. While the visuals look rough these days, the game is still exciting.

#99 - 'Klonoa: Door to Phantomile' - Playstation

This is a cutesy platformer, about as saccharine as any of the Kirby games. However, Klonoa won me over with its creative capture mechanics and its 2.5D level designs that still look great even today. I'm amazed how well this one's held up.

#98 - 'Journey' - Playstation 3

This was the first game I bought for my PS3, and it's still fantastic. It looks wonderful, its puzzles are never too tough, and it's better at being emotional than most of David Cage's games. Sand surfing through the ruins was just awesome!

#97 - 'Mortal Kombat: Deception' - Xbox

I've enjoyed almost every MK game I've played, but Deception is my favorite. Its RPG-like story mode held my interest, and the character variety is one of the best in the series. However, there are two main reasons this one is my favorite: "Chess Kombat" and "Puzzle Kombat"!

#96 - 'Scream Ride' - Xbox One

I like building stuff, and I like breaking stuff. Scream Ride lets me do both, and I love it. I love how insane I could make my roller coasters. Of course, catapulting pods to destroy islands can be as much of a stress reliever as any first-person shooter or beat-em-up.

#95 - 'The Unfinished Swan' - Playstation 4

I'm not big into walking simulators, but The Unfinished Swan is one of the best I've played. The story of loss tugs on the heartstrings more than Gone Home ever did, and throwing ink blots to fill in the world never stopped being amusing. I even enjoyed hunting for the hidden balloons.

#94 - 'Wolfenstein 3D' - PC

I have fond memories of playing this classic on my English teacher's 386 computer my Junior year of high school, and it still holds up today. The level mazes are challenging without being too confusing, and blasting Nazis will always be satisfying. Mecha-Hitler had it coming!

#93 - 'Split/Second' - Xbox 360

It's a shame this creative racer flopped because it is fantastic. While I could have chosen any of the Mario Kart games for a combat racer, I thought the Power Play attacks that affect the environment were a lot more fun to use here. It's like if Michael Bay made a Fast and the Furious movie and that movie became a game!

#92 - 'Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction' - Xbox

Go into North Korea, hunt terrorists, and DESTROY EVERYTHING!!! This is one of the most fun open-world games in existence, and it's a shame the series stopped when Pandemic was shut down. (Thanks for that, EA.)

#91 - 'Alan Wake' - Xbox 360

Though Max Payne and Control are fun games, this is Remedy at their best. I already talked about this game before, and it's still a great pick for Halloween.

#90 - 'Forza Horizon 2' - Xbox One

While this racer was in my old Top 35 list, it barely stayed in my Top 100 this time. It stayed because it pleasantly reminded me of my trip to Italy, and it still has some of the most creative events in any racing game. Where else do get to race a jet fighter in a Ferrari?

#89 - 'Street Fighter Alpha 3' - Dreamcast

I don't play a lot of Capcom fighters, but I definitely make time for this one. It has more modes than you'd ever have time to play, almost too many characters to choose from, and gameplay that finds the sweet spot between technique and craziness. It says something that the Dreamcast version is still used in tournaments to this day!

#88 - 'Parasite Eve' - Playstation

Back when Square took chances with original ideas, they made this awesome horror action-RPG that also happens to be a great game to play at Christmas. I've reviewed this before; check it out!

#87 - 'Bust-a-Move 4' - Dreamcast

All of the Bust-a-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble) games are a blast, but the fourth game beats the rest. The levels with the scales are some of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments in the whole series. Also, the characters were at their cutest in this one (even if they won't shut the hell up).

#86 - 'Just Cause 2' - Xbox 360

I'm a huge fan of the Just Cause games; I can even defend the much maligned fourth game. However, the second is still my favorite purely because it is the most chaotic of the whole series. Attaching enemies to propane tanks and launching them just never gets old!

#85 - 'Alien Trilogy' - Saturn

This is still one of the best movie-based games I've ever played. Twenty years before Alien: Isolation, this one got the perfect atmosphere of the films and the fun shooting that eluded Colonial Marines.

#84 - 'Mercury Hg' - Xbox 360

I almost thought of leaving this one out since it's been removed from digital storefronts, but I just couldn't. Moving a ball of liquid mercury through a near endless supply of creatively designed mazes never stops being fun (if sometimes frustrating). If you want to try it, its predecessor Mercury Meltdown on PS2, PSP, and Wii is a good available alternative.

#83 - 'Twisted Metal: Black' - Playstation 2

I've played a lot of Twisted Metal with my brother over the years, and the first one on PS2 is the best. Embracing psychological horror with the characters made playing through each of the storylines more captivating than ever. I've had some of the most intense matches ever here, even more than in the PS3 reboot.

#82 - 'Metro 2033' - Xbox 360

While I do concede that Last Light has the stronger gameplay, I prefer the story and atmosphere of the first Metro game. The claustrophobic tunnels kept me on edge, and the limited ammo made every skirmish intense. It put me on the edge of my seat like any of my favorite horror movies.

#81 - 'Gunstar Heroes' - Genesis/MegaDrive

While I got a kick out of the older Contra games, I just had more fun with Gunstar Heroes. The crazy bosses always grabbed my attention, and the slew of power-up combinations were more fun to use than just finding the spreader in Contra. My friends and I had fun just throwing each other at the enemies!

#80 - 'Far Cry 4' - Playstation 4

While Far Cry 3 had the better story and antagonist, I prefer the gameplay variety and environment in Far Cry 4. The Himalayas was more interesting to explore, especially with the grappling hook. I also get a sadistic joy out of dropping grenades onto Pagan Min's troops from a Buzzer and smashing through an outpost on an elephant.

#79 - 'Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus' - Playstation

"Hello!" "Hello!" "Follow me!" "Okay!" That exchange from the Oddworld games will be embedded in my skull forever. The second Oddworld game took what was great about the first game and expanded it in every direction. You can even possess your own farts to turn them into homing missiles! Awesome!

#78 - 'Spider-Man 2' - GameCube

I've talked about this one before. I still haven't gotten around to playing the Spider-Man game on PS4. This is still close to being the perfect game with the Webhead. Swinging around Manhattan is still awesome. 'Nuff said.

#77 - 'Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver' - DS

With all the excitement over Pokémon Sword & Shield going to the Switch, I just want to remind people that the franchise's second generation is still its best. 251 critters to catch as well as both Kanto and Johto regions to conquer make these games I could play forever. Oh, and beating Ash at the end is SO satisfying!

#76 - 'Dead Island' - Xbox 360

This is some of the most fun I've ever had playing co-op. The variety of zombies keep things as fresh as Left 4 Dead, and building new weapons never stops being cool. Dying Light and Riptide are okay, but the original Dead Island is still my favorite. Now, when's Dead Island 2 finally coming out?

What do think so far? Any disagreements with my picks? Let me know, and stay tuned for Part 2 next time! Game on!

Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace
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