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My Favourite Kanto Pokemon

by Chloe Gilholy about a year ago in list

from each type

I discovered the Favourite Pokemon from each type generator on an LGBTQ+ server on discord. After I made one which covered all eight generations, I decided I should do one from each region. The Kanto pokemon, also known as the original 151, had some legendary pokemon that have remained firm favourites for years. Despite the multiple flaws, limits and glitches in the Gameboy games, it didn't stop the games from being as well-loved as they are now.

Experimenting with glitches has made a lot of fans come back to the game and, I've seen videos where they go into real detail with the glitches. Back then there was no internet, let alone Youtube. If you told someone you could catch a mew by surfing to the truck, people would believe you.

There were only fifteen types back when the games were first released, so with some of them, I've used alternate forms, so there were no gaps or spaces.

Grass - Vileplume

Kanto has a lot of grass types, and the majority of them also have poison as a secondary type. Out of all of the grass pokémon, the Oddish line has always been my favourite line. Some people assume I dislike Vileplume because of my love for Bellossom, but that is not the case. I like Vileplume's design because it's simple and I like how the flower on its head reminds me of a big hat.

Fire - Ninetales

Ninetales is another Pokémon that showed up on my previous blog post. The fire-types in Kanto are really good and among my favourite fire types. I love Arcanine because it's really tough, but looks so cute and fluffy. I like Rapidash because of the hair serving as fire, and I love Ninetales because her design is beautiful. She has a menacing and playful look around her, and her move-pool, especially in later generations become very varied, making her unpredictable.

Water - Vaporeon

She is hands down one of Eevee's best evolutions. I love how Vaporeon can pack powerful hits and also defend herself at the same time thanks to her high special attack and HP. I've had a look through all my pokémon Gameboy games to see my teams and Vaporeon was in nearly every single one of them.

Normal - Chansey

Chansey is such a pain in the arse to catch back in the day. You could be spending ages trying to find her in the safari zone, and even then, there's no guarantee you're gonna catch her because she runs away and back in Gen 1 the ball can miss. I've always used a Chansey on my team in Kanto because she has access to soft-boiled, which I think is an excellent move. Outside of battle, you can use it to heal other pokémon in your team. She's the ultimate cleric.

Electric – Pikachu

I loved Pikachu ever since I saw him. He's so cute, and I think the friendship between Ash and Pikachu is impressive and loved how they incorporated it in Pokemon Yellow (my first ever Pokémon game).

Psychic - Mew

Mew is mysterious, cute, and I thought she was funny in the first movie. I haven't really used her much in-game, but in the competitive field, she's great to use because her stats are very balanced and she can learn any move. She's niche and versatile, and there's no doubt that she's an excellent pokémon. I think it's a shame you can't transfer Mew from the mew glitch from the virtual console over to the bank.

Fighting - Poliwrath

There's not many fighting Pokémon in this generation. Out of the handful, Poliwrath is my favourite. He's quite an underrated pokémon, to be honest. I think he's overshadowed by other fighting types now.

Rock - Omostar

Lord Helix reigns supreme as the best rock type in this generation. Anyone who's watched Twitch Plays Pokemon can understand how much of an impact this pokémon has made in fandom. What was once a forgotten fossil pokémon is now a worshipped patron of its own church.

Ground - Dugtrio

I didn't care much for Dugtrio until I used him in a recent playthrough of pokémon red. I didn't realise this until later but back in gen 1, the higher your speed, the higher your critical hit ratio. Now I know why Dugtrio was considered the king of critical hits. I think the reason why I've been put off by him for so long because in the sprites he always looked angry.

Flying - Butterfree

Butterfree is adorable with its red eyes and white wings. He always looked so precious in the anime. I've not long bought a Butterfree plushie from Pokevault and can't wait for it to arrive. Despite its poor stats, I love him because he's cute and also how he can learn psychic and mega drain.

Bug - Venomoth

For my favourite bug type in Kanto, I couldn't choose between Venomoth and Butterfree, but since they both have two types, I was able to select both in the end. I like Venomoth's colour scheme because I think the lilac on it is gorgeous and I also love its shiny form. I caught a shiny Venomoth nicknamed ATV (All-Terrain-Venomoth) after its unlikely victory against Lance's Dragonite in Twitch plays Pokemon.

Poison - Nidoqueen

On my first couple of playthroughs, I used Nidoqueen a lot. My very first team on Yellow had both a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen at the same time. As a child, I thought I should keep them both together since as they were Nidoran, they were the pokémon that were known to be in love with each other. Now times have changed, and Nidoqueen can be an independent lady.

Dark - Gyrados (Mega-Evolution Form)

Let's be honest, there was no real choice here. No dark types back in the day and the only dark types from Kanto now are regional forms that aren't very appealing. So Mega-Gyrados had no competition.

Ghost - Gengar

Gengar is another one that didn't have a lot of competition here. Gengar is cheeky, fast and powerful. I love how his shiny mega-form looks like a tooth. I think he's a little big cute as well and I never found him that scary.

Ice - Lapras

Same as in the last blog. I love Lapras, and she always looks so motherly. She's been such a great pokémon on my team. In Let's Go Pikachu I have one on my side named after a character from my novel.

Steel – Sandslash (Alolan Form)

There are Magnemite and Magneton, but I'm not really that keen on them, to be honest. I've always liked Sandslash, and I think its Alolan form is exciting how it's an ice and steel type. It looks more than just a recolour, and I think it suits him.

Dragon - Dragonair

We only really have Mega-Charizard X and the Dratini line. I love Dragonair out of all of them because he is beautiful and looks graceful. Dragonair reminds me of a creature you would find in a fairy tale.

Fairy - Clefable

I have a friend who loves Clefable, and since then I've warmed up to it as well. I've used her many times, and I'll never forget how I made somebody rage quit because of how she was taking hits and sweeping their team.


Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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Chloe Gilholy
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