How to Master Scrabble and Win Every Game?

The secret to scrabble..

How to Master Scrabble and Win Every Game?

If you are an avid scrabble player, then to you scrabble is not just a game, it’s the ultimate brain nourisher. To some, scrabble is a way of life. Since its inception, discovery, invention, or whatever you may call it, scrabble has continued to be an inspiration and a delight to millions of people across the globe.

In a nutshell, it’s your all-time classic board game that never goes out of style. It’s about creating and constructing words from letters on tiles. Each letter has a specific number of points assigned to it, and the player who creates words with the most points at the end of the game wins. However, there are several things to know and tricks to perfect before becoming a master in scrabble. Though constantly the same in appearance, the tricks have evolved over time and before inviting a millennial or a Gen X for a game of scrabble, Centennials may want to read this article first.

Below are various tips on how to master scrabble and win every game.

1. Forget the Cheat Sheets and Try the Scrabble Bible

Before playing any game or sport, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules. While it’s ok to learn as you go, you’ll miss out on the fundamentals that are necessary to enjoy the game. For the ultimate board game experience, learning the rules will give you some leeway into twisting them and turning the dynamics around to your advantage, especially if you want to wipe your opponent’s clock clean! This is what is known as the art of making it a lawful evil. Rules will always be against you and it’s no exception when playing scrabble. There are three rules when playing scrabble, they include:

The bingo rule – Now that you’ve collected your jaw from off the ground, it’s as you heard it the first time. Yes, there’s bingo in scrabble too! Here, the trick is to play big and go home. This means keeping your words short (five letters will do just fine) but denying your opponent any scoring opportunities. The secret is to lay all your seven letters down and gunner the 50 sweet points.

Utilizing dictionaries – Before the game begins, scrabble players must come into an agreement on the dictionary to use. Whether you’re playing online or offline, you’re allowed to utilize dictionaries, otherwise known as scrabble tools. On this note, utilizing an all-inclusive dictionary will help increase your vocabulary, so you don’t have to struggle to create high-scoring words. The comprehensive guide from outlines some of the most effective tools you can use, including scrabble cheat sheets, scrabble word finders, anagram solvers, and dictionaries, just to name a few. This is the key to unlocking your word curiosity while sharpening your grammar skills. Most players use it to improve their scrabble prowess.

Knowing your bonus squares – Rules rock! How else would you have known that the pink double word square will double the value of the entire word whilst laying all your seven letters will gain you a bonus of 50 points! Well, now you know! To win big, it takes knowing how to score a scrabble play and taking advantage of the double and triple letter squares. Words falling on these squares will first be counted as per letter to get the initial score, and then the entire word is either doubled or tripled. These squares are known as hot spots.

2. The Trick of Word-Building – Using Prefixes and Suffixes

In scrabble, playing smart will allow you to gain points from all directions, including words used by your opponents on the board. For instance, there are countless words that end with suffixes (-ED, -CY, -LY, -ING, etc.), and countless more words that begin with prefixes (NON-, MIS-, IN-, UN- etc.). The first thing you’ll need to do is learn how to build words using suffixes and prefixes. While on the same note, you’ll also need to know the value of letters in scrabble. The most priced letters in scrabble include letters Z, X, Q, and J. these letters can be used to form high scoring words and better still, making it big on the bonus squares.

3. Learn Defensive and Offensive Strategies

Now, depending on the letters you pick, it may be tough to open your game with a Bingo in scrabble but if you have a five to six-letter word, don’t keep them for a rainy day. Instead, seize the opportunity and score as high as you can. Knowing what letters to use when opening and closing the board will give you an upper had to adjust your game most favorably.

4. Emulate the Best

There are so many ways to learn new skills. There’s always someone you consider better at playing scrabble. You can always spot them in scrabble competitions. Apart from showing great skills, pros are keen on how they select their letters and squares.

Finally, commit to remembering what you’ve learned here and put it to the test whenever you get invited to a game of scrabble. Most importantly, like any other game, focus on preparation first. It’s important to get your head thinking straight and focused. This will allow you to remember what’s important or rely on others when need be.

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