Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Nintendo/ Nintendo Switch

One of the video games that I enjoy is the fire emblem games and that includes the very first one that came out on Nintendo. Since before even getting my own switch I have been dying to try out the fire emblem game titled "Three Houses". The game play is very different than any other fire emblem I have played. I have to admit that the best one I had played was Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia I liked how there was places for your characters to explore and how you as the gamer got to play as two characters and explore different sides of the story. The story line was one of the best fire emblems I have played. It was also very challenging as you would expect fire emblem to be.

The newest fire emblem game is very different from what I expected. First of all, you become a professor at a battling school where commoners and nobles are treated as equals in your class, however a good portion of the nobles act a little too high and mighty. I like how you get to choose which house you want to be in/train. There seems to be more decisions in the game play, which I appreciate. You get to do mock battles with the other houses while being in the academy, which is interesting to see how the other characters are doing. I find that the battles themselves are far more advanced and a little more challenging, however I find that it is easier to level up your units during battles.

The graphics of the game are somewhat advanced compared to the other fire emblem games, it shows others in battle as well for example if you select a character and choose who that character will fight against, it shows both sides fighting in the background, which makes more sense since you are at war. I have not finished the game, but the story line has many twists and turns, which are relatively unexpected. It starts off really mellow, but then once your character's father dies, the story grows and becomes more intense as it goes on.

There are number of things which I am not the biggest fan of. One of the top things is how to get your units to change classes. You need to "start seminars" with your students and then you test your students and then their grade levels up. You need specific grade levels in order to change the class of your units. I find it time consuming and a little tedious to do. The next thing are the quests. I do enjoy some of the quests because they are easily completed and it helps you get a higher grade as a professor. Some quests are useful such as the battle quests where your units have chances of leveling up through the use of battle.

Another thing that I like is that you bond with each of the characters. You will learn their backgrounds and where they come from. I find this part very interesting because there is more character development than any other Fire Emblem I have experienced. There are also other ways your main character can bond with the others such as through cooking a meal, sharing a meal, attending hymn sing. So, there are more elements to this Fire Emblem that can help you along the way.

The story of three houses starts off as happy and go lucky, then there was a dramatic cut scene that changes everything. Basically, everything is torn apart brick by brick. No one is happy, all of your students grow up and now have different hair styles. Guess what? you woke up five years later and everything is different. The change is a little expected but at the same time to wake up five years later is a little ridiculous of a time frame. However, in order for these dramatic changes to take place it was necessary for the story.

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