Emblem Fire Adventures!!

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Three houses

Emblem Fire Adventures!!

So I got my students geared up based off personalities.

Some of them are being punished >> like dis bish I am forcing to be a Pegasus knight person thingy. I do play favoritism with my students, however, Claude and Sylvain get spoiled. I sneak in and polish up their weapons and make sure they are in tippy toppy shape. I also am gentle on training with them, but seriously they are such good little fighters, makes me so proud *tear*

So one day I start doing my rounds around the dormitory to check on everyone. Rooms are empty and a lot of them filthy. Really do these kids' parents teach them how to clean like ever??? This one room had like books all over the bed and floor. I almost cried! Who treats books in such a way!? Going to the next room, it smells funny and there are papers all over the floor and tossed around the bed, and what looks to be some bags of chips—ugh. Someone needs to whip these kids into shape, guess it will have to be me. I bet they feel entitled because they are Nobles so they just want everything handed to them. I will fix that for sure.

I then begin to make my rounds about town. I heard fishing was good today, but first I need to return some things I found on the ground *shakes head* these students I swear. Always always misplacing their things. I return Claude his sheath, and another child his coat. I end up being pulled in for lunch with a few students. At least the food here is good, plus sometimes we do the cooking for the menu. After eating, I continue on my merry little way to the docks. Grab my bait and rod and skip happily to the thingy. Fishieeeees I am here for yooou. As I cast my rod and sit there I am lost in thought... I think Rhea might secretly be a bad person or something, like if something does not go her way or messes up even the slightest she wastes no time with sentencing them to death... hmmm. And then there is Sethis... I wonder if he is up to something too... I always feel like he was responsible for Flayns disappearance. *tug* I shake my head and get out of thought as I notice the rod jerking... GOLD FISHYYYY YES!

That is money-maker fishy right there. I grin happily and continue fishing more. I hear someone shouting to me as the rod shakes again. Being called over to the green house *sigh*

I quickly tug on the rod to pull up some small fish..."Maaaaan" =.=++ So much for double gold...

I quickly run over towards the greenhouse to be met with free seeds! I had actually wanted these, you see, as I love growing flowers and then passing them along as gifts. There is this one guy who I think realllyy likes to receive them. I just assume since I had returned what was apparently his... Lipstick. Not judging by any means, I'm just saying maybe he appreciates flowers a little more than most of these scrubs.

I rush to plant them, use a little magic here, and some special fertilizing there... Done!

I wonder if they are tired of killing banditos yet... You know what would be cool... a dragon YES a frig dragon to slay... I bet they would love that. Do we even have dragons here? Hmmm...


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