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Bored with Among US! Finally, the best alternative is released.

by Avijit Dey 4 months ago in mobile

Some of us are started playing Among US after Pubg Mobile banned in India. If you are bored with 'Among US', the alternative 'Devil Among US' is here.

Some of us are started playing Among US after Pubg Mobile banned in India. Many of us loved this game. So, do you belong to those who love to play Among US like me? Actually, I was bored with the same maps, same locations, and the same game modes. Here, it's time to find a new game. Because, I think like a mobile gamer you always have to find new alternatives, new fun and a new game which should be like our previous most liked games. Wait, don't worry I will give an example. I always have an example with me. Can you tell me, why Call of Duty is becoming popular in India? Besides all of the other reasons, the most important reason is, it is the best alternative to Pubg Mobile. I know some of you guys have different opinions. But, what should I do with this? I have asked all of my pubgm friends, why do you play Call of Duty now? You can use VPN and easily play your favorite game right now.

They replied, to play pubgm we need to add another VPN app in our background. It consumes battery life and the main reason is the game is banned by our government. There are many reasons too. But, here I mentioned the two most important reasons. if you are Oh, I am sorry, I just left my topic way behind. Let me start with our main topic. So, the conclusion is, if you are getting bored with 'Among US', Here's the new game 'Devil Among US'. I would like to inform you that, it is a 'Made in India' game. Also, you have seen with all new updates 'Among US' becomes choppy and unplayable. The Google Play Store rating also got affected by that. The game rating is now below 4. But, on another side, the new alternative 'Devil Among US' is now on the trending page of the play store with an almost 4.7 stars rating.

So, let's start talking about the game. In short, it's actually a comparison article between 'Among US' and 'Devil Among US'. One more thing, it is not a promotion article. So, the 'Devil Among US' is only an 86 MB game. Now, the game is available only for android devices. But, soon it will be available for iOS devices too. It is a real-time online multiplayer game just like among us games. Here, the location is a haunted house. There is a devil among us. We can't kill him. The only thing we can do is to save ourselves by completing our tasks.

The tasks are also interesting. Such as, you have to light up the candles with matches, arrange the dining room, clean the garden, and other short tasks. You have to take care of your friends, follow your friends to identify the devil. Sometimes, you will also get a chance to become a devil. If you have already played among us game then, you should know that, how fun it is to be a Devil/imposter in these games. You have to eliminate your teammates one by one to win. But, be aware, don't get caught. Someone should be behind you. So, always look at your surroundings before eliminating anyone. If you get caught by anyone and he manages to get you out from the house with others' permission, you will lose. Or, if you are not Devil, you must complete your missions without getting killed by Devil. Then, find out the Devil and get him out from the house to win. So, this is the logic behind this game.

Are you exited for this! To get more information about the game and to download now, just check out the article link below >>>

Avijit Dey
Avijit Dey
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