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All You Need to Know About Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

The Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode introduces a compelling storyline and setting, adding a new dimension to the game.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 5 months ago 3 min read

Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 3 offers players a unique and immersive gaming experience, which many fans love. We need to know about it in advance to proceed more smoothly after entering Zombies mode in COD MW3. This guide below will give you detailed information about Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode, which is very important for new and old players.

Story and Setting

The "Modern Warfare 3" (MW3) Zombies mode introduces a compelling storyline and setting, adding a new dimension to the game. In this iteration of Zombies, players confront a dual menace: the undead and living adversaries. The living threat stems from Terminus Outcomes, a private military corporation contracted by Zakhaev for their brawn, overseen by Jack Fletcher. The story unfolds as a group of multinational Operators joins forces with Task Force 141 to combat a "vast undead horde" triggered by a formidable enemy menace. The team, which includes familiar characters from previous games, arrives at the Exclusion Zone several weeks after the trailer's events. Players unite with multinational Operators to combat the threat within the Exclusion Zone.

The mode's storyline is a multi-layered epic focusing on tiered missions across three acts, offering a rich, immersive narrative experience. The gameplay takes place in an open-world map called Urzikstan, where players face varying difficulty levels as they progress through different zones. This new approach to the zombie experience provides an engaging and challenging gameplay environment, allowing players to engage in a pure player versus environment (PVE) experience, solo or with a squad, and complete mission objectives while exploring the open world.

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Gameplay Mechanics

The mode combines elements of outbreak and round-based modes, offering a departure from the traditional zombies experience. Players can engage in a pure player versus environment (PVE) experience, solo or with a squad, and complete mission objectives while exploring the open world.

Mission Select

Not every mission is accessible immediately, and completion rewards, such as Acquisitions, cosmetic items, and Double XP tokens, are visible before mission selection. Each Zombies mission can involve completing Contracts to earn Essence (in-game currency) and obtain Acquisitions.

The mode is designed for trios in a PvE environment on Warzone's brand-new Urzikstan map. Players can choose how they want to play, whether for kills, map exploration, completing story missions, or other objectives. The mode offers a sandbox-like feel, allowing players to tailor their experience to their preferences.

Weapons and Upgrades

The mode includes new weapons, perks, field upgrades, and a zombie Mastery camo grind for all guns from MW2 and MW3. Players can upgrade their weapons using Aetherium Tools acquired from Contracts and containers, with higher rarities found in harder zones. The mode also features weapon rarities that determine damage output, ranging from common to PAP Level II, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Players can equip their chosen operators with up to five pieces of gear, including killstreaks, armor, gas masks, and medical items. The mode also includes classic features such as Perk-a-Cola machines, Pack-a-Punch, Wall Buys for additional guns, and Wonder Weapons, including the returning Ray Gun and a new weapon called the Scorcher.

Threat Levels and Squad Size

The play space is divided into three distinct zones: low threat, medium threat, and high threat, each offering different difficulty levels, enemy types, and loot quality. Additionally, players can have up to six players in a squad at a time, allowing for cooperative gameplay experiences.

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode, the squad size is limited to a maximum of three players per squad, with 24 players participating in a match, divided into eight squads of three players each. Players can join other squads temporarily to complete specific tasks and then depart to continue their solo adventures. The game mode features an extraction shooter loop instead of traditional round-based gameplay, with a 45-minute countdown until exfil begins, followed by 15 minutes to escape.

These are some of the information we need to know about COD MW3 Zombies Mode, which can help us get a better gaming experience. If you are a devoted Zombies Mode player, then make sure you know a little about it before entering the game.

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