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How to Unlock the Ray Gun in COD MW3 Zombies?

The Ray Gun blueprint is the rarest and hardest schematic to unlock in COD MW3.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 5 months ago 3 min read

There are many powerful weapons in COD MW3, among which many players love Ray Gun. How to unlock Ray Gun in MW3? The following guide will explain in detail how to unlock the Ray Gun schematic in this game, which will help you complete the Ray Gun.

The Ray Gun Schematic Blueprint

The Ray Gun blueprint is the rarest and hardest schematic to unlock in the game. Once unlocked, you can craft the Ray Gun and spawn with it in Modern Warfare Zombies. However, there is a 48-hour cooldown on crafting this weapon.

How to Unlock the Ray Gun Schematic Blueprint

Ray Gun

The method to unlock the Ray Gun schematic blueprint is relatively simple, but it only has a 5% chance of dropping. Here are the steps to unlock it:

1. Enter the High Threat Zone

The Ray Gun schematic can only be found in the high threat zone of the map, which is the tier three difficulty area.

2. Complete Contracts

Within the high-threat zone, about four or five different contracts refresh constantly once you complete them.

3. Find the Reward Rift

At the end of each contract, there is a reward rift where you have a 5% chance of finding the Ray Gun schematic.

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Strategy for Unlocking the Ray Gun Schematic Blueprint

Unlocking the Ray Gun schematic blueprint is not easy, as it requires you to have at least half of the perks in the game and a gold rarity weapon that is triple pack-a-punched. Here is a strategy to increase your chances of unlocking it:

1. Start with a Disposable Weapon

Choose a weapon you don't mind losing, as you will be trading it away later in the game.

2. Spawn with Ethereum Crystals

If you have any Ethereum crystals in your stash or that you can craft, spawn with them as they will make your life easier.

3. Complete Contracts in the Low Tier Zone

Do as many contracts in the low tier zone as possible so that you have 5,000 points.

4. Drive into the High Threat Zone

Get a vehicle and drive into the high threat zone. Mark one of the wall buys on the TAC map because the wall buys in the high-threat zone are more likely to be gold, which is the highest-tier rarity weapon in the game.

5. Pack-A-Punch Your Weapon

Once you've got a gold weapon, head back into the medium threat zone and complete as many contracts as possible to get enough points to Pack-A-Punch your weapon three times.

6. Buy Perks

You'll also want at least 4,000 MW3 points to buy the perk stamina up and speed cola. This is crucial for surviving in the high-threat zone.

7. Begin Farming Contracts

Once you have a triple pack-a-punched gold weapon, you can begin farming contracts in the high-threat zone.

8. Buy a Juggernaut Kill Streak

Once you have 10,000 points, buy a Juggernaut kill streak from the buy station. This will help you mow down the boss in future Bounty contracts.

9. Fill Up on Armor Plates

After finishing each contract, go to a buy station and fill up on armor plates. You can carry about 17 plates, and you'll be losing plates a lot as zombies and hellhounds will be hitting you constantly.

10. Complete an Escort Contract

The schematic may drop by doing a simple escort contract. Once you complete this mission, you may find the Ray Gun schematic in the reward rift.

Once you have the Ray Gun schematic, perform a successful exfil immediately. When you return to the menu, go to your rucksack schematic crafting and Wonder Weapons, and you should see that you can craft the Ray Gun with a 48-hour crafting cooldown.


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